Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing some fun articles or posts hoping you would find them useful and entertaining.

1. 10 Times You’ve Quoted Shakespeare Without Realizing It

This article presents some sayings that we use in our everyday lives in English which are originally from Shakespeare.


2. "which mythological lover would you be?"

If you are into silly personality quizzes then this quiz, and others on this website, are perfect for you to play and find more about yourselves.


3. 10 Habits of Deeply Angry People

This is a great article that helps you self-reflect in the aspect of 'Anger.'


4. The language you speak influences what you look at, according to a study

As a linguist I find reading about different language facts fascinating, thus I thought this article might shock and interest you.


5. Top 10 most beautiful birds in the world

And finally, enjoy a collection of pictures of the most beautiful birds worldwide.


In this post I wanted to give an opportunity for you my readers to take a look at some of the topics that I enjoy reading about hoping they might spark your interests.

Thank you for reading.

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