Hi everyone! ♡
Today I want to share with you some great ideas to self care.
Taking care of yourself is so important and we should remember about it.
So check it up and do something for yourself because it is also productive and necessary!

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• brush your hair
• make yourself a warm drink
• light a candle
• listen to an upbeat song
• drink a glass of water
• give yourself a foot massage
• step outside in the fresh air
• txt someone you love
• 5 minutes of focused breathing
• write down 10 things you are grateful for
• dance like crazy
• smile!
• buy yourself flowers

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• have a shower
• put on a face mask
• go for a walk
• make a smoothie
• stretch
• have a cat nap
• call someone you love
• pamper yourself
• do a short meditation
• spend time in nature
• journaling
• watch a funny youtube clip
• soak in a bubble bath
• write down positive affirmations

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• binge watch a funny show
• spend time with friends
• create a vision board
• do an intense workout
• get a massage
• read a book
• listen to podcasts
• go on a hike
• unplug from technology
• try yoga
• organise your wardrobe
• cook a new meal
• paint a picture
• go to the movies

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Thanks for reading this!
Lots of love,