Today we have a special article for you. It’s the first birthday of a WHI-Anonymous team member.

Dear Maria (@Desconocido),
from all of us a big Happy Birthday to you! We are really happy that you joined our team. We wish you all the luck you need to fulfill your dream, because you already have everything else that you need! Rock your life, like you rock to a Taylor Swift song!

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Normally we are posting confessions. If you have anything you're facing or need help on, you can confess through this google form. Be it a problem you're facing or something you couldn't share with anyone else. Everything will be anonymous, so let your heart out:

WHI Anonymous
WHI Anonymous

Let’s start with the questions!

This is our gift for you! We hope you enjoy it!

How do you imagine her appearance?

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Kashish/ @aeonian_desires: Like Rapunzel from Tangled. Blonde hair, green eyes, sweet smile.
Paula/ @thisismesolar: The hippy from… años maravillosos look you lazy people
Clare/ @_inmyfeelings: I think of her with straight dark brown hair, green eyes, and glasses.
Astrid/ @badasstrid: Long and thick dark brown or black hair, curly hair also. With deep brown eyes and thick eyebrows too. Cute chubby cheeks that you wanna grab haha.

Which clothes does she usually wear?

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Kashish/ @aeonian_desires: Probably hoodies and yoga pants or shorts? I mean I can’t imagine people wearing jeans at home.
Nadine/ @sparkling_tears: I think that she wears a business look for leaving the house, which makes her look super competent.
Anika/ @TaintedAesthatics: A lot of blue, pastel ish colours? Again, I have no idea.

What would you do with her when you first meet in real life?

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Nadine/ @sparkling_tears: I would go on a road trip through Europe with her. Listen to loud music (of course T.Swift) and laugh on the way.
Clare/ @_inmyfeelings: Sneak into a celebrity party to meet Taylor Swift! We’d probably get caught but it’s worth a shot.
Paula/ @thisismesolar: probably cry because im super soft and im emotional… but then go to listen music.
Astrid/ @badasstrid : Definitely a walk into the forest!!

Which quality do you have in common with her?

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Anika/ @TaintedAesthatics: We both would marry T if we could.
Clare/ @_inmyfeelings: We both love music!
Paula/ @thisismesolar: We both are perfect xd
Astrid/ @badasstrid: Her love for nature

Where is she the total opposite?

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Anika/ @TaintedAesthatics: She’s a really happy and positive person. She’s Lover all the way. Whereas I’m just way too much of a cynic. I’m Rep, for sure.
Kashish/ @aeonian_desires: Her work ethic for sure. I’m a procrastinator by birth, she’s probably someone who works a little everyday and finishes work on time.
Nadine/ @sparkling_tears: I think that she is way more social than I am. I feel like she gets along with everybody and that definitely not me.

What will be named after her in the future?

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Anika/ @TaintedAesthatics: A Taylor Swift song? What?! I honestly don’t know.
Kashish/ @aeonian_desires: Maybe an Album? It could be called Maria fly, Maria lore idk.
Clare/ @_inmyfeelings: a taylor swift documentary of her die-hard fans? I’m not sure.

Which prize will she win in the future?

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Astrid/ @badasstrid: She will be honored for the Love she can give to all beings I'm sure.
Nadine/ @sparkling_tears: She will be honoured by the government of the Netherlands for special services regarding language learning for children.
Paula/ @thisismesolar: Best granny of the year my friends.

We hope you enjoyed this unusual post. Stay tuned for the next confessions!