I'm having so much fun with writing articles lately, so here is another one hjfjdk

Let's get it!

The name: Karla

K - kohlrabenschwarz (coal-black)

girl, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, SoMa, and tumblr image black and wallpaper image black, pencil, and graphite image
reminds me of snow white's hair color as it is described in the fairytale

A - azure

beach, travel, and ocean image aesthetic, azure, and blue image drink, blue, and summer image sea, blue, and water image
very calming.... i long for vacations at the beach

R - ruby

red, ruby, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed dancing, german, and jannis niewöhner image flowers, art, and red image
reminds me of the movie rubyred (bottom left) which i loooove

L - lilac

aesthetic, neon, and pool image purple, waves, and sea image sky, purple, and aesthetic image hair, pink, and purple image
kind of like lavender but edgier i think

A - apricot

food, fruit, and apricot image makeup, flowers, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, kitchen, and orange image
just like my prom dress :)

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this.