I know, I know. It's been forever since I wrote an article but these days so many things happened that I just had to write about it. I have a few things I've been seeing online, on social media especially that I want to address and also some things happened in my life and why not talk about it and risk everyone I know seeing it? yeah, I know. It's also 2020 and we didn't think this year was going to have a mask trend, Amazon fires, Trump and... many other things. (I hope) no one I know really sees this but anyway... it's not a big deal.


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Okay so here I am, minding my own business and the ghost, oh the infamous ghost appears again in my life. Honestly, I can say I barely have experience in dating but I have NO IDEA why boys, yes boys not men, think it's okay to ghost someone. This is not a horror movie and please I'm not scared of ghosts, I'm just sick of them. It's not okay to just disappear and be a coward. At least say something, why can't these guys say that they are not interested and just let me move on? It's the perfect plan. Leave the girl on hold so they can pop up out of nowhere once you post that cute picture on social media. Sometimes, they don't even look that cute. It's that confidence, the f*boy that most of us women think we can change. They are not going to change, trust me. My advice is run, just run from them. Block, do whatever you can. He doesn't reply to your texts for days? hm, honey, he's not that into you unless he's extremely busy and he's an FBI agent. You're worth way more than this, focus on other things. He will look for you, he will swim for miles just to see you if he truly likes you.


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Before you come at me, I'm talking mainly about arts. Yes, surprisingly, I want to study arts but it's so freaking expensive. Art school students, how do you do it? I mean, college in the US has never been so expensive and I'm already worried about my student loans. How Am I going to pay for my car? WHAT ABOUT MY SOCIAL LIFE? I know everything is going to work out at the end, I will become a zombie, that's the answer. I'm thinking of studying abroad, I mean, WHY NOT? But then hello pandemic, my old friend. I hope I'm not the only one stressing out about my college (or that would be extremely awkward) Student loans and student debt should not be a common thing.

3. 2020

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I never thought these 4 numbers would be such a popular topic probably for the rest of this century. Can we please not even mention politics because I get so angry hearing about it. 2020 is not coming to an end (yet) but surprisingly, I've learned many things and this is kinda a good year for me. I quit my job, made a lot of new friends, and lost (well very toxic) people that just left my life (thank god). However, I saw a lot of toxic things on the internet, I don't what is happening to the main page on youtube, but it's full of dumb videos. People being canceled... so many things that I wish never happened but I think due to the pandemic, a lot of us came together and forgot our differences which are a good thing. We saw the human side of our society again.

4. TikTok

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I know y'all love seeing people hate on TikTok. But listen, there are some good things about it. I mean, some TikTok's are kinda funny, finding new anime (yes, love it), talking about society's issues (yes) HOWEVER, there are a few things that I need to give my two cents on, for example. Why are people famous on TikTok? Have you noticed... all these kids dancing to R rated songs like there's nothing wrong? There's nothing wrong with cursing or whatever but please don't do sexual dances for the entire world to see, thank you. Racist jokes are not funny and the famous TikToker's have literally no talent, they are just famous because they fit society's beauty standards. TikTok was made to be addictive and It's really sad how this generation is growing up in front of a screen doing really stupid dances to get attention and likes. Likes are not everything. Actually, they don't really matter unless you have millions of followers. Likes are just numbers, they are not labels. This generation is so depressed and sad because social media is TOXIC if not used in the right way. Everything that is too much, is bad.

5. Beauty Trends

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Of course, since I mentioned TikTok, I have to talk about beauty trends this year and most of them are thanks to guess who? TikTok, you guessed right! My problem with these beauty trends is that everyone is starting to look the same (again) and I'm tired of going on Instagram or any other social media and seeing all these famous TikToker's who look the same! They wear the same types of clothes, the same type of hoodies, baggy pants, fox eye makeup, fake freckles... why are we all starting to look the same? These trends don't look good on everyone, okay? I'm just saying. I wish people could embrace more of who they are and don't follow every single trend out there just because everyone is doing. There's nothing wrong with following a trend, but the problem arises when you start becoming insecure because you don't have big eyelashes, super clear skin, freckles or the cow phone case. Let's please be more original. Especially teenagers this generation in America, why is everyone listening to the same music? yes, tiktok. Why is everyone doing the same makeup? Let's please be more creative, thank you for coming to my ted talk.