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Abigail Cowen as Virginia

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Virginia Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Nickname: Ginny
  • Birthday: October 13
  • Age: 15
  • Place of Origin: Connecticut
  • Education: High School
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with her friends, listening to music, dancing, singing (badly on purpose)
  • Passion: Acting
  • Pet(s): Charlie (Golden Retriever)
  • Favorite Food/Drink: Cheese Burger / Mint Chip Milk Shake
  • Favorite Band: Panic! at the Disco
  • Favorite Book: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
  • Favorite Show/Movie: American Horror Story/The Fault In Our Stars
  • Celebrity Crush: Ansel Elgort

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 114 pounds
  • Physical Appearance: Virginia has a heart-shaped face with a pointed jawline and fair skin. Fiery red hair fall over her shoulders in thick waves that stop at her elbows while her bangs are parted down the middle of her wide forehead. Nestled below neatly trimmed and nicely shaped eyebrows are round-set blue eyes with full charcoal colored lashes. A light dusting of freckles dance over her prominent cheekbones and over the bridge of her button nose. Dimples frame bow-shaped lips and a straight white smile. Slim arms lead down to small hands and black painted nails that rest on either side of her tiny waist and thick thighs.

Personal History

  • Parents: Claire and Andrew Montgomery
  • Sibling: N/A
  • Likes: Acting, The Beach, Picnics, Taylor Swift, Summer, Fall, Lazy Sundays, The Color Red, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Her Dog Charlie.
  • Dislikes: Her Freckles, The Stretch Marks On Her Thighs (from when she used to be fat), Boarding School, Chores, Rain, Snow.


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Virginia on her way to class with friends. Plus a look at her favorite ice cream.
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John Krasinski as Andrew Montgomery. A university professor who recently retired to work on his novel causing tension between him and his wife. Amy Adams as Claire Montgomery. A bored housewife who has taken up photography as a hobby. Her daughter being among her favorite things to photograph.
Image by Bel☆♡
And Charlie.