hey guys! i hope you're doing well. today's playlist is for chilling. i like to listen to this during the late evenings.

before starting, check out my last playlist
Demi Lovato, Lonely ft. Lil Wayne
demi, demi lovato, and Lyrics image demi lovato image
G-Eazy, Charles Brown ft. Jay Ant & E-40
city, new york, and rapper image :), peanuts, and charlie brown image
Nina Simone, Ain't Got No - I Got Life
freedom, quotes, and fear image nina simone image
xxxtentacion, changes
Temporarily removed aesthetic, quotes, and love image
Billie Holiday, I'm a Fool to Want You
Temporarily removed 1940s image
Miles Davis, 'Round Midnight
Image by intimidator black and white, music, and tunes image
Devon Baldwin, Umbrella (Rihanna & Jay-Z cover)
black & white, girl, and leather image model, devon baldwin, and girl image
Lana Del Rey, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Nina Simone cover)
album, black and white, and misunderstood image honeymoon, lana del rey, and vintage image
Jhené Aiko, Sativa
music and jhene aiko image jhene aiko and jhene image
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, Summertime
Ella, fitzgerald, and jazz image music image
G-Eazy, Summer In December
g-eazy and rapper image bay area, the beautiful and damned, and art image
Mac Miller, Self Care/Oblivion
mac miller image black, self care, and mac miller image
Summer Walker, Playing Games
Image removed fashion, model, and summer walker image
Rihanna, Higher
music, rihanna, and higher image anti, beauty, and bitch image
Lil Wayne, Dontgetit
jams, justin, and musicians image lil wayne tha carter 3 image
Louis Armstrong, La vie en rose
la vie en rose and louis armstrong image Temporarily removed
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, Dream A Little Dream of Me
ella fitzgerald, hipster, and jazz image album, ella fitzgerald, and louis armstrong image
Summer Walker, Prayed Up
summer walker image album, black, and last image
Lana Del Rey, hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
aesthetic, alternative, and beige image dangerous, hope, and quote image

that's all for now, see you soon.

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