this is my first article and i have no clue what i'm doing, but at least i am trying haha.
anyways, here are my favorite songs of july.
i HIGHLY recommend listening to them.
also hopefully i'll be making more articles in the future

Home for the Summer - Sara Kays

beach, summer, and aesthetic image
"you said you'll see me when we're home for the summer"

Solo - Frank Ocean

hotel, neon, and grunge image
"be cutting you, think we were better off solo"

Who's That What's That - Niko B

fashion and outfit image
"i dunno what i'm doing but i text her, whatsapp. telling her to come through"

Los Angeles - HAIM

aesthetic, friends, and flowers image
"these days, these days, i can't win. these days i can't see no visions"

Kevin - Oliver Malcolm

80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
"coors light and cigarettes. looks a mess. short hair, stinky breath. teacher says he's worthless"

Cringe - Matt Maeson

grunge, run, and blue image
"i been alone so long i feel like i'm on the run"

World Wide Web - Danger Incorporated

aesthetic, art, and gif image
"danger be up on this club tonight. i hope i see you on the world wide web"

Drown - Cuco & Clairo

aesthetic, sunset, and sea image
"you're gone, i'm done, i'm all alone"

Buzzcut Season - Lorde

girl, light, and night image
"shut my eyes to the song that plays. sometimes, this has a hot, sweet taste"

Time Flies - Dempsey Hope

adventure, aesthetic, and creative image
"time flies and i remember all of the late nights"

Keep My Coo - Lil Peep

aesthetic image
"you could keep your cool, but it take you twice the effort"

Wow - Beck

aesthetic, Calvin Klein, and fashion image
"wanna move into a fool's gold room. with my pulse on the animal jewels"

Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey (feat. The Weeknd)

70s, aesthetic, and car image
"in these stolen moments, the world is mine. there's nobody here, just us together. keeping me hot, like july forever"

Awaken - Big Wild

aesthetic, creative, and grunge image
"find your way home"