Hi guys, in today's article i'm literally gonna be embarrasing myself and telling you parts of my life or better said, parts of me that i don't really like or enjoy just for fun, and because why not? I don't have anything better to do.

So....Let's do it

โ˜ฏ I don't have friends anymore and it's not a joke, not a single one

โ˜ฏ I have social anxiety and it fuckin sucks bc it's ruining my entire life

โ˜ฏ I've never been in a romantic relationship nor have i fallen in love with anyone

โ˜ฏ I hate spending christmas with my grandparents bc i don't consider them my family

โ˜ฏ I hate living in the place i live and in the situation i am right now at home

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โ˜ฏ I always self-sabotage when i have a chance to be with someone i like because i'm scared

โ˜ฏ I felt like my best friend's shadow but I loved her so much I thought the best idea was to pretend she didn't exist instead of telling her about my insecurities and now she hates me

โ˜ฏ I once made a youtube channel and my ex best friend find out about it so i delete it bc her opinion affected me

โ˜ฏ I feel so alone but i won't admit it in person

โ˜ฏ I wanna run away to another country, have a career i'll be passionate about and make a lot of money, otherwise my life will not have sense

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โ˜ฏ I prefer animals over people (I actually like this one)

โ˜ฏ I love material things, they just give me happiness, even tough I'm a good person i can't help it

โ˜ฏ Whenever I have a fight that affects me I always cry with frustration and anger

โ˜ฏ I'm still obsessed with Larry and i watch videos of them when i feel down

โ˜ฏ When i was liittle i used to make up stories of my life and tell them to my friends because I didn't want them to know that my family sucked

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โ˜ฏ I fall easily for artistic and mature boys

โ˜ฏ I don't know exactly what my sexuality is and i don't care

โ˜ฏ I don't believe in god and i don't go to church anymore

โ˜ฏ I'm writing a book in Wattpad but i haven't told anyone yet

โ˜ฏ I can't reach 2K followers here in WHI since months ago:(

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