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  • Wondering on how to change your life ? if you've ever been to the botanical gardens , you can see trees and plants there that have reaclied their full grandeur , Why ? because they were given everything they needed for optimum growth , they were supported to be their best people need that same support to be their best as well , becoming our best is such an awesome gift-not only to our selves but to our families and to all around us.
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  • In my experience , most of us know what it feels like to live from our best place , we just need help making that happen more of the time , sometimes that involves learning how to show up for yourself more , sometimes it's showing up for a conversation that needs to happen with a certain family member or boss , and sometimes it's setting a boundary so others don't drain you.
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  • Most of us consider these things hard to do , and they are if we try to do them in the old way , they can become surprisingly easy.
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  • When that support is there , growth just happens and why shouldn't it ? growth is inherent to life on this planet , we don't have to make a flower grow , it just does as long as the support is there , you will do the same when the conditions are right.
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  • It's important to give yourself the best for many reasons , but are crucial reason is that when you give yourself the best , others give you the best too.
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  • The word around us is really a giant mirror of how we're doing on the inside , that's great news because it means that by changing ourselves inside , we can radically alter the outside.
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  • Also , don't think you have to get things all figured out before you start , in fact , that's a good way to stop yourself , what's important is to make a start , this puts you in a deeper conversation with the forces around ou and allows you to ad just as you go along.

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