14... that's the number of how long we are friends. or should I say we were friends, I still don't know what to call you.
I gave you all my love, time and energy, and you gave me nothing in return. Instead of giving me your attention you turned your back on me, and chose someone else above me.
I guess I can't call you my best friend anymore and that shit hurts.

When I was younger the only one I had was you, and that was enough.
Even when we were younger you chose others above me, and I was so stupid to stay by your side.
I thought our friendship would last forever like in those movies, but I was wrong.

The worst part is that every time you messed up I defended and forgave you.
And now look at me... my heart is all over the place and you broke it twice, just in a couple of months.
And you're here partying with others like you did nothing wrong, and I'm in my room broken and alone.

And still... I can't let go of you.