Hey Hearters!
I truly enjoy writing, and I thought I should post some of my journal entries. Although, most of my entries are not complete, I do plan to go back and finish them at some point.

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Prompt: "The human mind is the scariest thing of all."

The brain not only controls your body but it controls you, the person inside the body.
You think you can control how you feel and what you do, but in reality, the mind in each body takes over the human that is inside.
The mind of every human in this world is vulnerable to the overwhelming news of the unknown disease. A disease that infiltrates the body by attaching itself to the host and waits for the moment it can overthrow the current user of the body.

-- updated August 3, 2020 --

This is all I have so far, but as I mentioned before, I will continue to write the rest later on. If you want to add on to what I have so far, please do!
I am interested in seeing where this story could go next :)