Since these days felt a little bit strange and since it’s a particularly difficult year, I wanted to write an article with some suggestion for you.
Whatever the feelings you are facing are and whatever reasons or problems hide behind them remember:

You are the main character of your life and You have to fight for yourself:
You are necessary, You are important and, above all, You are loved.

Therefore, in order to get better you have to start from yourself and you have to do something for your mental and physical health.
Here are some examples:


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Sleep will help you in so many ways. It will allow you to gather your energies and lift your mood but it will also reduce stress and improve your skin’s appearance.


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Take care of yourself by doing your skincare routine. This will help you relax, distract and you will actually do something good for your health.

Take a bath

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There are only two rules: surround yourself with plenty of bubbles and relax. You could also listen to some music or read something.


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Challenge your creativity with new ways of doing your makeup.

Suit up!

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Sometimes, seeing yourself in a pretty dress or in your favorite outfit can cheer you up and you could take some good picture too!

I hope you’ll find this helpful and remember to talk with someone if you are feeling particularly sad or bad.

I am here for you too!

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