About a year ago I started to have these really powerful, thought provoking and overall interesting dreams. I didn't think much of it the first week or so because I didn't think it mattered. But continuously night after night they were becoming more and more real, each one hitting at my heart, mind and soul. That is when I got interested.

In this article we'll dive deep into my experiences in dreams, where we go when we go to sleep, lucid dreaming and what the Universe wants you to know in your dreams. This is a long one, I have a lot of thoughts! Thank you for reading!

In the beginning, I was so overwhelmed by it and it made me so tired. I was dreaming dream after dream night after night without fail. And I didn't dream that often before all of this. So, it was very new to me. They kept on coming one after the other. And then I'd go on my device first thing in the morning and forget all about it. When I started to pay more attention and to really take it seriously was when I realized how predictable they were. I'd dream something was going to happen and bam, the next day the thing I dreamt would happen - did.

So, I started doing some research. Now, the internet is very limited and small minded so I didn't dive in because I wanted to have my own experience without any fear or limitations in my mind. The thing I saw a lot was to keep a dream journal and to keep track of them. I did this like one or two days and immediately dropped the habit. I love to write but first thing in the morning and with something that felt hard to describe it wasn't that fun to me. Looking back, I am glad I trusted my soul on that because I think it is more than writing in a journal what your dreams were. Sure, writing it down can help you remember them but what if you weren't meant to remember them?

My experience is this, I have 3-5 dreams a night pretty regularly. It is pretty rare that I don't dream. But do I remember all of them? No. I'll wake up somedays and not remember I even had a dream but something inside of me knows I did dream. I'll just wake up and not remember. I think that is fine. I trust the Universe and my soul. When I really remember a dream to the point where I feel like I lived it then yes, I extract the message out of it and look for the signs my soul and the Universe are giving me. It is a gut thing, you'll know if that dream meant something.

Not to say some dreams are nonsense, I don't believe that either. I think all dreams have power but the ones you so vividly remember have so much power and are a sign from the Universe. I remember about 60-70% of my dreams. In the beginning I remembered all of them but it was too hard for my soul/my body to keep going. I would be exhausted when I got up because I felt like I lived everything. Everyone's journey is different, everyone's experience is different. Whatever you go through is meant to happen on your journey; I'm just sharing my experience, opinions and thoughts.

The common question I see a lot with sleep in general is: When we go to sleep, where do we go? (And no, I am not quoting Billie Eilish). I am not an expert obviously and I don't really have a concrete answer but I have an open mind. I think we could be going deeper into our mind. If you think about it most dreams are about current events happening in your life. I think whatever you think about the most will happen in your dreams.

But some dreams, like I said are predictable. Now, these dreams make me think the Universe is the dream producer and we are the guests watching the show. This one feels more right to me and maybe to some of you reading this you'll think that is so far fetched. But, it is not. What's far fetched is believing dreams are meaningless and have no significance. I also believe that it is very possible to connect with souls that have passed on through your dreams. I know I have.

So, I have a lot of beliefs/opinions but I am open to anything and I just enjoy the dreams and seeing the signs through them. I try not to dwell on how I dream because I don't believe there is an answer for everything. I like to let the Universe take care of it. 😁

My favorite part of dreaming is Lucid Dreaming. This is so cool. It is almost like your subconscious and conscious are playing with each other at the same time. There is a part of you that is dreaming in the background and then your higher self or mind or whatever you want to call it is basically commentating on the dream. This is harder than I thought to explain! But trust me once you feel it you'll know just how amazing it is.

So, as you're dreaming your own voice in your head can alter the dream, you can dive into a certain part of the dream, you can make the characters in your dream say certain things you can basically do whatever you want. Guys, this is exciting!!! This is why I always say your life is a movie, especially after you experience lucid dreaming you'll realize how much you do this in your actual life. The life is the dream and your mind is just commentating the whole time. Changing your reality, perspective and thoughts.

But, hate to be a downer, there are some challenges to lucid dreaming. The hard part is not to wake up! Your mind will be so alive and awake that your body will want to wake up. This is when you use your voice, your body is controlled by your mind. Your mind tells your body to sleep, it'll keep sleeping. And also, the first times I experimented with this, I would get a little scared and just wake up. Nothing scary happens, it is a message presented by the Universe for your soul to know. The Universe will never hurt you. Trust.

In a separate article I'll get into the power of dream manifestation. This is also very exciting and intriguing so stay tuned for that. And in another one I'll dive deeper into meanings in dreams. Obviously, I have a lot of thoughts on dreams that I am excited to share! Hence, why this titled Part 1! Follow me so you won't miss one! I hope this helps you on your journey! So, literally and figuratively: Dream Big!!! Really, go for it. Dreams have so much power, I think it is impossible to grasp just how much. Keep Dreaming! Never stop! Look for the signs! Look for the Universe Hugs! -ACE 💗