To consider: I do not know anything about music, this is just me, a fan playing with a fantasy

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I absoloutley loved the Bighit family photoshoot for their 15th anniversary. On the very adorable and funny behind the scenes they asked the artists to think of a subunit they would like to be part of. Although they came up with very inetresting options, I just could'n stop thinking about what I would actually want if this ever comes true.

First Unit: I don't know how to call it

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Suga, Huenningkai, Lee Hyun and Jin

Basically, it came up to me just as an excuse to have Yoongi and Hueningkai playing the piano together. Also, that day Jin seemed like he really wanted the oportunnity to team up with Lee Hyun (after cheking him up, no wonder, he's amazing and I think their voices would sound very good together).

Second Unit: Boom Boom Pow!

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J-Hope, Yeonjun and Jungkook

For a moment I thought on choosing Soobin for this one, but then I remembered one of my all time favorites: "Rapper Kook" and OMG. Yes! I think this unit would have it pretty much all, great rap from J-Hope, great vocals from Jungkook (and a little rap) and Yeonjun being fantastic with both. And of course, the dance!

Third Unit: The Tae-Tae Unit

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V and Taehyun

Ok, this one came up just for the name lol. But also, come' on this two are great singers, the things they can do with their voices and the places they could take us, wow.

Fourth Unit: The unexpected

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RM, Jimin, Soobin and Beomgyu

So, at this point in the fantasy I got left with these four and after contemplating them ... yes! For some reason, I never notice Beomgyu's deep voice, so it would be great to hear more of it here, along with Jimin's sweet and angelic voice. Also it would allow Soobin to sing and rap (wich were my plans for him from the beginning), all together with genius RM. It really turns out to be a great unit.

Shout out to the Cypher Unit!

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RM, Suga, J-Hope, Yeonjun and V

V's dream of making rap with the other members it's actually an interesting idea to me. Perhaps not as a full rapper, but yeah, I'm very into found out the outcome of such an experiment.

I had a lot of fun making this, my first article ever! It was very interesting to think of them not as these diferent groups but also as individual artists and to revise what each of them can bring to the table. The best part is that they're all so talented that so many more units can be fromed!