So i know i mainly talk about armys how toxic and annoying they are but i want to talk about bts for today. I feel like bts is becoming naive with the people they collaborate with now, like the songs sound unfinished or completely bad or annoying. And i feel like BTS's connection with ARMYs are more of a show now then real. How a lot of bts's speeches are mainly fan service and not being genuine. Like, comparing how bts's love for army was so big awhile ago. And now, its so ... i don't know how to describe it but it doesn't feel true anymore, it doesnt mean they dont love us armys. But it doesnt feel like they do much anymore. How bts's certain releases are so mainstream sounding. How they released that pre-single black swan, the best song on the album that was promoted [only promoted on American Late Show. I miss BTS promoting in Korea. I know they won't promote in Korea this time with the English song but whatever do what u have to do] was instantly forgotten about it the minute, BTS released ON. ON wasn't my favorite title track. Its like they are promoting more Western style songs, than songs like Black Swan. So i agree with what people are saying about "BTS are only promoting songs that could get popular in America." And How they are making an English song, upsets me because they said, " we won't make an english song." [english album, english song same thing. I know bighit making them do this but whatever] Then suddenly they're coming out with one. The excuse "we have more International Fans." BIGHIT wants more money from the west because half of bts's International fans some dont even speak english. So its like what the hell, bighit why?

How BTS has become less of a fun group. Like only time we get cute & silly Dance Practices is mostly during FESTAs. Like, how bts being funny during practicing Spring Day. Is my favorite thing! And BTS doing Halloween Themed Dance Practices, are so loved by me and others. And I hope we get it this time around because i really enjoy that side of bts because 3 minute Bangtan Bombs, aren't enough for me. I really miss bts's old sound as well. [if yall are thinking but just watch BTS MOVIES um i cant do that because well im broke. And i know some Snitchy army reported Movies to bighit] That's why, i liked a lot of the songs on SEVEN because it reminds me of bts's old sound. How PERSONA really didnt do that for me. Only song i really loved was HOME, PERSONA & Dionysus. Make it right was so overly used , WHO NEEDS THAT MANY REMIXES???

I really miss hoseok's HOPE ON THE STREET. [because now the only time we get hobi dancing is during solo releases] I miss a lot of bts's old stuff because i was watching an old video of them and really started getting sad, because its like they have gotten too famous or busy. To do their old stuff. [silly dance practices, ect., or just being their selves] I know people can Change but like it just isn't the same anymore. This is coming out of love for the boys btw.

MAP OF THE SOUL: SEVEN's schedule was confusing for me. I hope they don't do anything like that again. why the fuck did u name a dance video of Black Swan a Music Video? When clearly it was just Choreography Video. Same with ON but ok? Then, release Black Swan as a Surprised music video, after ON. Like BIGHIT stop doing these things!

I love the lineup in songs now. When in the past it was just a member and friends. BTS's "SELF MADE ALBUM" isnt really going to self made because bighit has to change everything that's good about it. [like so many of their demos are so good but scrap it, i guess.] And i hope the Choreography is like DNA .. Simple because I like those type of dances instead, not like ON. I just hope, this BTS comeback is everything i want and more. Because im losing that spark. I want this to be concept like LOVE YOURSELF & IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, Because i love those.