I am going to be rating these Netflix shows that I've watched on a scale of 1-10 (10 being really good and 1 being bad). I hope you guys enjoy!

Stranger Things
stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image stranger things, steve harrington, and nancy wheeler image stranger things image Image by arzu
9/10, it was super good and my favorite season so far is the third one.
Big Mouth
big mouth, jessie, and Matthew image andrew, missy, and netflix image netflix and big mouth image netflix and big mouth image
7/10, very funny when in need of a laugh. I mostly watched when I was bored.
Criminal Minds
criminal minds, spencer reid, and derek morgan image criminal minds, hugs, and qoutes image criminal minds, spencer reid, and aaron hotchner image actor, actress, and cbs image
10/10, still binge-watching but I love it!
Scream (the tv show)
black, blood, and die image carlson young, tom maden, and john karna image cool, passion, and scream image scream, willa fitzgerald, and the tv series image
8/10, so many plot twists that it kept it interesting.
The Vampire Diaries
stefan salvatore, damon salvatore, and ian somerhalder image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image the vampire diaries, Nina Dobrev, and paul wesley image
9/10, I still haven't finished it but so far I like it.
Grey's Anatomy
grey's anatomy image greys anatomy image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and derek shepherd image george, greys anatomy, and tv image
11/10, please this show has broken my heart too many times 7 I am not ready for it to end!
shameless, quotes, and tired image be yourself, gay, and gay rights image shameless image shameless, quotes, and fiona gallagher image
10/10, this show is amazing! Fiona is such a queen.
That 70's Show
funny, that 70s show, and Mila Kunis image Image by rumina that 70s show, hyde, and steven image Image by rumina
10/10, I love these characters so much & it's so funny.
Black Mirror
aesthetic, alternative, and indie image departure, black mirror, and alex lawther image fun, funny, and miley cyrus image cinematography, rashida jones, and tv show image
6/10, not ALL of the episodes are interesting but a good handful are.
Narcos Mexico
80s, espanol, and mexico image actor, cinematography, and drugs image 80s, narcos netflix, and manuel masalva image 80s, narcos netflix, and manuel masalva image
10/10, maybe it's because I had a FAT crush on Felix but this was so amazingly done!
Total Drama Island
total drama island, total drama, and duncney image animation, bridgette, and total drama island image animation, cartoon, and cartoon network image animation, total drama island, and drama total image
5/10, only good for when you're really bored.
13 Reasons Why
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by sonali singh serie, tv show, and 13 reasons why image
10/10, I know a lot of people hate on this show but the last season really broke my heart!
riverdale, archie andrews, and jughead jones image red, serpents, and riverdale image riverdale, hermione lodge, and fred andrews image Archie, riverdale, and bettycooper image
4/10, went very downhill after season two. Only season 1 & 2 are good.
Barbie: Life In the Dreamhouse
barbie, life in the dreamhouse, and ken image barbie, life in the dreamhouse, and nikki image barbie, tereza, and life in the dreamhouse image barbie, beautiful, and life in the dreamhouse image
7/10, don't underestimate my girly! This was actually very interesting and funny guys. Don't sleep on it!
American Horror Story
ahs, kiss, and american horror story image american horror story, ahs, and coven image american horror story, ahs, and evan peters image american horror story, evan peters, and ahs image
10/10, they never disappoint me!!! I love all of the seasons so much.
The Haunting of Hill House
horror, tv series, and tv show image netflix, the haunting, and twitter header image ghosts, netflix, and haunting of hill house image hohh, haunting of hill house, and ictoria pedretti image
10/10, the way this show scared the CRAP outta me is insane! A little confusing at first but don't give up on it.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
sabrina, adventures, and caos image witch image caos, sabrina spellman, and kiernan shipka image sabrina image
8/10, I'm so sad that they're canceling this! It was so good.
Jane the Virgin
jane the virgin image kiss, love, and jane the virgin image gina rodriguez, tv show, and jtv image show, brett dier, and jtv image
7/10, really good at first but then I got kinda bored of it.
The Walking Dead
Image by my ghost glenn, maggie greene, and tv show image the walking dead, twd, and rick grimes image glenn, twd, and the walking dead image
9/10, I used to be so obsessed when I was younger but now they're just dragging it. They doing too much now.
All American
all american, jordan baker, and michael evans image actor, beautiful, and boys image actor, beautiful, and celebrity image cw, show, and all american image
10/10, omg this show is so so good. Please watch if you already haven't!
On My Block
gangsta, oscar, and spooky image cesar on my block image santos, on my block, and ghetto image Image by Niecey
7/10, only because they were cringey sometimes but I love it. The first season is the best.