Hey, lovelies! Today I will be sharing my Riverdale OC! Let's get to it!


Name: Alexandria (Alex) King
Age: 17
Occupation: Student at Riverdale High (Formerly Southside High), River Vixen, Writes for the Blue and Gold
Status: Alive


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Blonde hair with light brown streaks, blue eyes



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She is very enthusiastic and happy, but also very shy and secluded. She enjoys writing very much.


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She likes reading, writing, and drawing

Favorite Place

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Pops Diner


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She is extremely good friends with Jughead since they bonded over writing and the Serpents
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She became good friends with Cheryl through Toni. She is also apart on Riverdale Highs Gay-Straight Alliance
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She was friends with Toni while she was part of the Serpents
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She and Kevin bonded immediately with their peppy personalities. They met through the Gay-Straight Alliance


Alex was born in Riverdale and grew up somewhere else. She moved back to Riverdale in eighth grade. She joined the Serpents in her freshman year of High School, where she befriended Toni and met Jughead (through FP). She attended Southside High until it's closing. When she transferred to Riverdale High, she joined the Gay-Straight Alliance because she is a strong LGBT+ ally. She met Cheryl and Kevin through this and became good friends with them both. She bonded with Jughead after joining the Blue and Gold and they talked about writing and books. She was given the same Stonewall Prep offer but declined due to time and missing her hometown. She lives with her mother and little sister Vivian (Jellybean's friend) in a small neighborhood on the edge of town. They are a financially average family and Alex's mother works at the Bijou theatre.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Bye for now!