(fanmade edit and news)

On July 30nd, Korean Netizens admited to seeing EXO's Chanyeol and WNMN's Mei in a cafe. The twitter user wrote, "I saw Chanyeol and Mei with an ahjussi at a cafe in Cheongdamdong."
After the "recent" Meiyeol scandall, in may, were Mei had posted a photo on her intagram (@mmbyun) of Chanyeol while producing her debut álbum (Woman).
The caption of this photo was misunderstood by fans of both idols and their respective groups, and, when they commented on such incident, both idols denied such a relationship, but now, on July 30st, after the photo that Dispach posted, EXO's Park Chanyeol and WNMN's Yang Mei decided to share the information that they are in a romantic relationship for a long time now. We still don't know when the relationship really started, but we have some speculations.
Based on the information collected, the couple has been together for over a year, however, this is not a confirmed information.

The company of both idols spoke up on the scandal with a letter, and, both of them claimed to have knowledge about the relationship, but asked both of them to keep it confidential for a while, because that was what they wanted.