Hey Guys!

I made this TikTok last week and it kind of went viral. I followed a trend going around where people were creating their dream casts of their favorite tv shows or movies in different decades.

My Tiktok:


Jessica Alba as Tori Vega
braid and hair image 90s, jessica alba, and young image jessica alba and young image music, muse, and panic at the disco image
Angelina Jolie as Jade West
actress, angelina, and jolie image grunge, scars, and suicidal image Temporarily removed black, girl, and hair image
Topher Grace as Robbie Shapiro
guitar, music, and boy image Image removed girls, indie, and Lyrics image Image by anteros
Brittany Murphy as Cat Valentine
Clueless, virgin, and quotes image 90s, Clueless, and denim image hair, red, and red hair image food, quote, and upset image
Johnny Depp as Beck Oliver
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It door, green, and stage image Image removed
Will Smith as Andre Harris
Image removed bass, indie, and music image microphone, music, and sing image fresh prince of bel air, outfit, and will smith image

I guess that's all for today. What do you think about my cast?

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