Hey everyone,
Three articles in a raw? Who dis?
Btw Iโ€™m sorry I wasnโ€™t active the last couple of months but I had my final exams at high school, so I had to study a lot.

This article is inspired by:

โœง Nationality

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I'm Italian! I live in a small village between Tuscany and Umbria but I was born in Apulia.

โœง Ethnicity

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I'm Italian and Swiss.

โœง Zodiac Sign

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I was born June 3rd so Iโ€™m a gemini.

โœง Color

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Blue and pink.

โœง Hair and Eyes

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I have brown hair and hazel eyes.

โœง Style

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โœง Personality

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Iโ€™m stubborn, shy, empathetic, naรฏve, organized, curious and creative.

โœง Hobbies and Passions

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I love photography, listening to music, watching movies & tv shows, reading, traveling, writing and singing.

โœง Favorite Season

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Definitely winter.

โœง Dreams

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I would love to create a family, being a writer/journalist, traveling the world, helping others and just be happy.

Stay safe!

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