Hey guys, it's urlocalartmom and welcome to this article where i pour out my heart and mind...


this article was inspired by @whattshame, who has started #thedreamerproject. I am a very big dreamer and thought it would be fun to write an article inspired by pretty much everything that goes on in my head. so, let's get dreaming!

- My biggest dream would be to live in LA or Norway, running my own fashion business while vlogging my life on YouTube, with my boyfriend of 3 years, adopting a teenage girl which i named Euphoria all while living my life to the fullest.

- Sometimes i wish i could just run away to some dreamy country and live by myself in a tiny, cosy cottage.
- Sometimes i wish i could speak every language
- Sometimes i wish i was prettier
- Sometimes i wish i was normal, average
- Sometimes i wish i was famous
- Sometimes i wish i was smart and had amazing grades
- Sometimes i wish i was perfect enough for everyone's standards

- I only have one fear, and it's that i won't make it to Heaven or ever hug Jesus

My nose : sometimes i think it looks to big.
My body : sometimes i think it's not the prettiest
My skintone : sometimes i think it's too dark

and that's it! Thanks for reading this article and thank you to @whattshame for inspiring me to write this.

yours truly,

p.s if you ever need someone to talk to for advice or even to vent, feel free to message me :)