inspired by:

♡ the songs ♡

1. again - sasha sloan
2. for the first time - the script
3. worst of you - maisie peters
4. unloving you - alex aiono
5. apologize - timbaland, one republic
6. can i call you back? - shymartin
7. match in the rain - alec benjamin
8. selfish - madison beer
9. you broke me first - tate mcrae
10. everything i wanted - billie eilish
11. i lost a friend -finneas
12. say something - kodaline
13. in my head - peter manos
14. watching you - robinson
15. moral of the story - ashe
16. nobody likes moving on - shy martin
17. is it just me - emily burns
18. your name hurts - hailee steinfeld
19. somebody else - the 1975
20. cold blooded - khalid
21. half a heart - one direction
22. ghost of you - 5sos
23. breakeven - the script
24. mirage - elina
25. what now -rihanna
26. again - sasha sloan
27. knocking on your heart - maggie lindenmann
28. photograph - ed sheeran
29. stupid - tate mcrae
30. glad he's gone - tove lo

♡ the poem ♡

right before the photograph was taken,
that's what i think about,
whenever i look at pictures of us

how we would stop insulting each other,
and adjust our hair,
almost like it was a routine,
we were so used to

writing this,
it still shocks me
that i'm writing in past tense
because it was the best year of my life,
but i was so stupid for you
the entire time,

so of course,
we smile for the camera in front of us,
even though we're hurting inside,

we know that today,
something has changed between us,
there is a lump in my throat,
and i know that we are no longer close friends like we used to be,
but we still smile anyway

you don't speak to me
with the same tone,
the change in your character is almost
we don't talk about it,
instead, we continue to pretend

i was selfish,
i know i was,
i didn't think about your feelings,
i was too busy thinking about me

and that day changed everything
because after that day,
you no longer cared about me

but i held on
i thought you'd reach out,
i thought you'd try to fix things
after you hurt me

and maybe my expectations
only made me feel worse,
because you didn't try
you chose to give up

and for a few months
i was completely shattered
i'd be lying
if i said i was over us