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1) Have you ever lied and what was it?

Image by ༄໋࣭࣭:mandy۰ ݈݈-݇ closer, natalie portman, and movie image
i don't mean to lie, but sometimes it happens.

2) What is your favourite colour eyeshadow?

makeup and pink image makeup, flowers, and beauty image
pink and yellow.

3) What is your biggest achievement to date?

girl, girls, and lake image happy and pretty image
loving myself.

4) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

emotions, introvert, and quotes image background, rose, and wallpaper image
I'm an ambivert...depends on my mood sometimes tbh.

5) What secret would you tell me?

aesthetic, flowers, and white image cute girl, girly, and innocence image
i've never had a boyfriend.

6) Do you regret anything?

quote, regret, and betrayal image Image by Laura Morena
i sometimes regret letting people hurt me after trusting them...but not anymore. i tend to feel guilty for putting myself first sometimes but i no longer regret loving myself.

7) If you had $1,000 to spend what would you buy?

Image by Tiko. K. Image removed
i would either want another tattoo (or two) OR be able to travel out of the country

8) Do you have anger issues?

anger, tears, and hate image add, mad, and sad image

9) Is the glass half full or half empty?

better, days, and future image quotes, flowers, and bloom image
half full kind of girl.

10) What is your favourite quote?

quote, Hilary Duff, and a cinderella story image quotes image
it usually changes but my favorite is this one from another cinderella story.

11) Whom would you like to ask 100 questions too?

Harry Styles and one direction image Harry Styles, harry, and boy image
harry styles, 100%

12) Whom do you admire?

b, h, and j image Taylor Swift image
definitely my mom and taylor swift.

13) What scares you the most?

Marilyn Monroe, quotes, and movie image anxiety, failure, and feelings image
being alone, failure, hurting people, getting hurt

14) Are you a good dancer?

ballet, dance, and ballerina image Image by ♡
amazing in my head, taylor swift level in person

15) Are you girly girly?

ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image Image by A. ✨
sometimes, but i'm usually more casual

16) Could you give up eating meat permanently?

Chicken, food, and pasta image Image removed
no, sorry.

17) What is your happiest memory?

baby, family, and sister image artwork, disney, and sisters image
when my littlest sister was born the year i graduated high school.

18) Do you believe in God?

god, quotes, and grunge image dog, funny, and dyslexic image
i don't NOT believe...but i struggle.

19) Are you a lover or hater?

lover, Taylor Swift, and vinyl image wallpaper, aesthetic, and background image
definitely a lover.

20) Where do you want to travel to?

japan and tokyo image hawaii, nature, and paradise image
tokyo and hawaii.

21) Who was Mother Teresa?

art, black & white, and women image amazing, kindness, and mother theresa image
i'll be honest...all i know is that she's very well-known.

22) What is important to you?

carl, frank, and lip image friends and girls image
family and friendship.

23) Are you a hugger?

boy, Relationship, and relation image Image by arzu
hug me, brother!

24) Yes or no?

Image by maria leonidou Image by ℬells

25) Do you know how to deal with negativity?

friendship, lol, and meme image quotes, pink, and enough image
i struggle with negativity all the time but i make sure others don't.

26) Are you honest about all your traits?

Image by arzu book, aesthetic, and beige image
i think so?

27) Do you try and improve yourself?

accessories, fashion, and style image sleep, need, and quotes image
i try.

28) What is your favourite meal?

quality image Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️
smoothies and fruits.

29) Have you taken drugs?

funny, high, and james franco image funny, don't do drugs kids, and irony image
i smoked marijuana a few times with some friends, be responsible. don't do drugs if under eighteen.

30) What extreme sport would you have a go at?

girl, aesthetic, and blue image boy, sport, and 🇺🇸 image
i would probably try deep sea diving or competitive cheerleading.

31) Can you speak another language?

aesthetic, theme, and background image Image removed
i really want to learn spanish and japanese.

32) You should smile and laugh everyday, do you?

girl woman, fashion style outfit, and turkey turkish drama image fashion, girls, and summer image
i'm almost always smiling and laughing. so yes.

33) Are you good or naughty?

aesthetic, nice, and yellow image aesthetic, aesthetics, and brown image
i'm a gemini but i'm good.

34) What would be your dream job?

awards, los angeles, and statues image book, tmr, and movie image

35) Do you want children?

kids and children image child, family, and kids image

36) How do you spend your birthday?

girl, cindy kimberly, and vintage image abs, balloons, and makeup image
celebrating with friends/family.

37) Do you prefer shoes or handbags?

fashion, shoes, and black image heels image

38) Do you apologise when you are in the wrong?

aesthetic, flower, and Paper image quotes, words, and respect image
i apologize even when i'm not in the wrong so yes.

39) Are you generous?

Image by miiirjetaa1 pink, aesthetic, and cartoon image

40) Do you exercise regularly?

friends, monica geller, and phoebe buffay image aesthetic, grunge, and alternative image
no, but i need to.

41) What are your bad habits?

anime image girl, bad, and quotes image
too many to list tbh.

42) What are you good at?

vintage, aesthetic, and pen image coffee, hot ​chocolate, and flowers image
i'm good at writing stories.

43) How would your friends describe you?

quotes, words, and green image Temporarily removed
my friends would describe me as the sweetest person they'll ever meet, but also the meanest if someone messes with my friends. i'm loud, weird, and tend to talk over people without meaning to- i also apologize way too much.

44) Summer or winter?

christmas, new york, and christmas tree image aesthetic, body, and boots image

45) Do you send cards/letters instead of texts/emails?

aesthetic, beige, and crafts image aesthetic, pink, and nokia image
i send way too many texts but i want to send more letters.

46) Can you leave your phone at home and go out and have fun?

Marvel, spiderman, and wallpaper image Image by K Y L I E
no, i need my phone because the world is scary. also, who else will take the pictures?

47) Are you tidy or messy?

city, bed, and sky image 2020, grey silver white, and bedroom dressing office image
it depends, i'm somewhere in the middle.

48) What is your favourite outfit?

aesthetic, black, and blue image beautiful, pink, and flower flowers image
shorts, a tank top with a cardigan or an off the shoulder top, and a pair of sneakers.

49) What meal did you last cook?

Image removed Image removed

50) Where do you go with your friends?

Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ Walt Disney World and wdw image
exploring the city for new places to go or walt disney world!

51) What are you doing tomorrow?

fitness and body image exercise, fitness, and gym image
working out.

52) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Image removed cartoon, stella, and winx image
super single.

53) What is your ideal date?

bowling, love, and couple image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
bowling and arcade.

54) Do you believe in ghosts?

aesthetic, alone, and art image ghost image
i do.

55) What is your favourite joke?

meme, funny, and joke image funny, harry potter, and humor image
i don't really have a favorite joke.

56) What are your dreams?

Image by K Y L I E boy, couple, and girl image
being happy.

57) Do you like me?

meme, bugs bunny, and cartoon image meme image
it's a love-hate relationship.

58) Have you ever been in trouble?

art, statue, and sculpture image quote image
i try not to.

59) Have you ever surprised anybody?

amor, flores, and rosas image christmas, gift, and present image

60) What is your hobby?

adorable, cat, and fluffy image Temporarily removed

61) Do you wear a bikini or swimsuit?

one piece, swimsuit, and recycled swimwear image beachwear, summer inspo, and summer fashion image

62) What do you like about Whi?

persephone, aesthetic, and royals image aesthetic, girl, and rose golden image
absolutely everything.

63) Do you have any disabilities?

cat, positive, and quotes image disappointed, sad, and betrayed image

64) How do you choose your friends?

Image removed girl, summer, and friends image
by how well we vibe.

65) Would you like to go and live on Mars?

Image by nglaucristina planet and wallpaper image
i'm not sure but it does sound fascinating.

66) Do you clean your teeth every night?

fashion, model, and bella hadid image girl and black and white image

67) Who is your favourite fashion designer?

australia, collection, and colourful image aesthetic, architecture, and designer image
i don't really have one!

68) Do you wear makeup or go natural?

makeup image girl, beauty, and makeup image
i typically go natural..sometimes i'll add eyeliner.

69) Do you eat McDonalds?

food, burger, and fries image food, menu, and mcdonald’s image
yes, i have been trying to cut it out though.

70) Where are you going on holiday this year?

Image by K Y L I E aesthetic, decor, and drinks image
i went home to be with my family.

71) How would you spend a day without money?

beach, books, and bracelets image книга, уют, and Новый Год image
i would spend the day reading

72) Short hair or long hair?

curly hair image girl and pink image
short hair!

73) What did your last text say?

black and white, inspirational, and inspiring image aesthetic, grunge, and quote image
"okay!" - to my mom

74) Who is your favourite singer/band?

Taylor Swift, concert, and singer image Taylor Swift image
taylor swift.

75) What festival would you go to?

theme, aesthetic, and retro image Image by anteros
probably any form of festival in japan.

76) What restaurant would you like to visit?

pink, restaurant, and tumblr image places, restaurant, and summer image
i'm not sure, i've never had a place that i wanted to visit.

77) Do you like football?

american football, commando, and football image Image removed
not really, no.

78) What pet would you like?

cat, eyes, and blue image cat, cute, and animal image
a kitten.

79) Where do you want to get married?

meme, funny, and reaction image married, marry, and Get image
no idea, probably somewhere remote and beautiful.

80) When and where was your first kiss?

actor, girlfriend, and lovely image frases and never been kissed image
i've never been kissed.

81) Who in history would you like to interview?

90s, vintage, and prettywoman image hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, and vintage image
marilyn monroe.

82) Can you give a speech to 100 people?

anxiety, presentation, and tips image anxiety, vintage, and dissapear image
nope. no. never. nope.

83) Do you suffer from anxiety?

2020, anxiety, and depression image anxiety, memes, and mental health image

84) What famous person would you like to be and why?

tmblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i don't really like her but she's extremely pretty.

85) How do you express your feelings?

aesthetic, pop art, and pop art lockscreens image aesthetic, pop art, and pop art lockscreens image
i cry...a lot.

86) What is your favourite possession?

anime, kawaii, and magic image aesthetic, cute, and bear image
everything, i love every single thing someone gives to me.

87) What is your number one goal for this year?

girl, sleeping, and brunette hair image cats, grapes, and nature image
get more sleep.

88) What makes you feel better when you have a bad day?

calm, chill, and music image aesthetic, black, and polaroid image
listening to music.

89) What is your favourite movie and how many times have you seen it?

disney, the emperors new groove, and disney movies image disney and the emperor's new groove image
Emperor's New Groove...probably over 100 times.

90) What are you doing this weekend?

quotes, van gogh, and passion image boredom and desire image
being bored tbh.

91) Do you meditate?

nature, peace, and hippie image nature and conection image

92) What was the last thing you bought?

sailor moon image anime, aesthetic, and sailor moon image
a 100 pack of sailor moon stickers.

93) What would you choose, tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

marshmallow, chocolate, and food image chocolate, hot ​chocolate, and drink image
hot chocolate with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

94) Do you keep a diary and what do you write in it?

journal and journaling image coffee, book, and cafe image
i don't have a diary bu i'm trying to get into journaling.

95) Are you a party animal or a party pooper?

aesthetic image Image by Cara Severns-Jones
definitely a party animal.

96) What does feminism mean to you?

Image by K Y L I E Inspiring Image on We Heart It

97) Who admires you?

awkward, movie, and retro image friends, chandler, and quotes image

98) What type of music feeds your soul?

next, ariana grande, and wallpaper image aesthetic, drink, and wine image
definitely pop music.

99) Do you like to stay home or go out?

home, bedroom, and bed image Image by Â̶̳̣ͩC̶̨͍͇̞̏͗̅͗̿ͤ͘Ḭ̞̌͝ͅĎ̘̭̙̳̑̉͌̑̋̑̎͢ ̺̦̤͙ͣ͗̓͋́ͦ̚̕D̸̝̣͐͋̃̃ͯ̄̀̎͘͟R̳͇̗͎̯͉̣̬̔ͬ͝O̥̦̣̝͖̭̩̗ͣͦͥP͎̟̉͌̏̈̀
i like to stay home.

100) Out of 10 how happy are you right now?

dog, puppy, and animal image Image by 魏欣瑜
i'm probably a solid 6 right now.

thank you for reading! i did this article in one sitting and ran into so many problems lmao but i hope you enjoy!! please tag me if you make one yourself!

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