All Mermaid Types - 15 Species.

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Volcanic Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Near Volcanic Islands
Warning: Strong and Aggressive

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Skin that can withstand even the highest heat, dark eyes, hot streaks in their hair... They have a temper that can explode at any time, so be careful what you say and do. They have a weakness for bad boys and whether the boys want it or not, they will be hunted and held down by the volcanic forces.

Freshwater Mermaids

A Common Species
Locations: Nile River, Amazon River, Mississippi and others
Warning: Quiet and Toxic

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Silky features, long hair, teal eyes ... They are calm and lovely to be with when they are happy and they are more beautiful than the most. They are very curious about humans but even if they do not say much, they should be kept at a distance, because their bites are toxic. They fall in love quickly or are flattered by cute men with charming smiles.

Arctic Mermaids

A Endangered Species
Locations: South and North Pole
Warning: Sharp Claws and Teeth

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White hair, red eyes and thick skin to keep out the cold. They are hard to communicate with and have some very special behaviors. However, they are very gracious when you first get to know them. They mostly have someone who means more to them than just a short-term affair, but they are not very good at relationships.

Open Ocean Mermaids

A Common Species
Locations: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean
Warning: Possible Multiple Personality Disorder and Effective Telepathy with Underwater Creatures

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Because they are across the world, they do not have a special way of looking. They are probably like you imagine "normal mermaids" looks like. There are many of them, and besides their large families, they are also in the company with the many marine animals. They have difficulty managing their emotions and some even their personalities. There are not many men they don't like.

Quicksand Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Unknown
Warning: Greedy and Hard to See

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In one they go with the color of the sand and they are impossible to see when lying still. They have no conscience so they take everything they can get close to. Fortunately, there are not that many of them. They like men who do not give too much resistance of course...

Colossal Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Unknown
Warning: They Are Huuuuge!

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These Enormous Goddesses have been seen by the few, but rumors say they are the soul of the sea and the forces of the waves. They are the mothers of all mermaids and protectors of all marine animals. And Yeah, they don't do men.

Sirene Mermaids

A Common Species But Not in Action
Locations: Near Ships
Warning: Deadly Beauty and Songs

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A dazzling beauty similar to that, probably doesn't exist. Wavy hair, big eyes and sexy features, who can resist that? They know what they want and don't often think about anyone else but their own needs for meat and love. Not so appealing in the end right...?

Desert Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Sahara Desert and Arabian Desert
Warning: Mirage Makers and Hard to Kill

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Brown golden skin rough as sandpaper, long smooth hair and brown eyes creep under the surface of the sand, and creates the desert oasis. They are very lonely so therefore quite shy, they mostly only comes out in the murky darkness of the night and therefore should not be feared in the heat of the sun. Men are something they try once every ten years.

Deep Sea Mermaids

A Unknown Species
Locations: Mariana Trench and Other Deep Places
Warning: Fast and Scary

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Dark and luminescent, they can turn off their light when they need to hide and turn it on when they need to scare or impress. They keep to themselves most of the time but once a year they all meet and the most beautiful light show on the whole globe dances around down in the depths. They are scary and mysterious and they do not quite know what men are or for that matter, humans.

Swamp Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: America & South America
Warning: High Camouflage

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They are shy and reticent. They keep to themselves and even when they are met, they hide away. And even if they were just a little curious, they are so camouflaged that you probably would not be able to see them. They cry fresh water over their loneliness.

Tropical Mermaids

A Common Species
Locations: In Tropical Climates
Warning: Alluring Laughter and Hallucination

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Dark beautiful hair, browned moist skin, big smiles and dancing tails. Yes, see they are sheer fun! There is song and laughter, high spirits and there is always a party going on somewhere. But beware, in all that energy and laughter you quickly lose your footing and who says you can reach the bottom of deep water?

Mud Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Unknown
Warning: Mesmerizingly Persuasive

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Beautiful they are, make no mistake. But there is only one thing running through the heads of them and that is some pretty dirty stuff. I do not think I want to go into details. They are quite interesting at first but it quickly gets too muddy and it is not only men they are looking for it is also women.

Coral Mermaids

A Endangered Species
Locations: Great Barrier Reef & a Few Elsewhere
Warning: Yourself

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They are beautiful, kind, innocent, amazing creatures. They have big eyes and sweet smiles. However, they are quite shy and scared, and they have good reason for it. Men have come through hundreds of years and smashed their homes and abused the mermaids. And we humans still do it to this day. We use their homes as tourist visits and suffocate all life with our plastic. So maybe, for once, we should be afraid of ourselves instead of the mermaids. They deserve better...

Sewer Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Under Big Cities
Warning: Some would call them psychopaths

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Dark hair and almost blind, they are manipulative, raw and "cool".They are other types of mermaids who have been banished from their homes and all the seas. So you can well imagine that these are the worst of the worst. They have no conscience and since they have almost become completely blind from the darkness, they go after everything with pulse and god be with those who are caught in their claws.

Estuary Mermaids

A Rare Species
Locations: Different Places Around the World
Warning: High Confusion

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What is it like to be half salt water and half fresh water? No, I do not know, but either do they. They are the most confusing species, and actually they always have a twin who is at least as confused. They do everything together, yes even men they share from time to time. They look like each other completely and it can be confusing for the men who thought there was only one of them. You will be so confused, tricked and played with.

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