A lot of people have a really bad skin. I don't mean bad skin colour. I'm talking about acne.
Acne is caused by bacteria.

How to get rid of acne?
Here are some tips that might help you:
• Don't touch your skin
[I think that this rule is the most important when you really want to get rid of acne because when you're touching your face, you apply bacteria on your skin.]
• Get enough sleep!
• Often change bed linen
[Remember, there might be a lot of bacteria too!]
• Moisturize your skin
[Sometimes your skin isn't "unhappy" but just isn't moisturized.]
• Don't eat unhealthy food
[Unhealthy food can cause acne too when you eat too much amount!]
•Drink water
•Find some products that makes your skin better
[Don't forget to clean your hands properly before touching your face, also clean your skincare products.]
• Create a skincare routine
[This is very important! Your skin needs to be cleaned twice a day!]
• Don't change skincare products too often!
[Your skin can accept some skincare products after at least month, so be patient!]
• You can find some acne positivity here (instagram) => @acne._positivity