What is your Zodiac Sign? Do you believe in astrology?

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I am a scorpio and i really dont pay attention to astrology so i have no answer

Extrovert or Introvert?

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introvert; i just like to stay home

When was the last time you cried?

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Today 2020-07-26

What song makes you feel better?

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Noah by haon,hoody,and jay park

What is a bad habit of yours?

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im lazy and barely help around the house

What color brings you peace?

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3 things that upset you?

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1. when i cant eat noodles 2.seeing people in my school in public 3.when my parents randomly walk in my room

3 things that make you happy?

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music,family and friends,wii (yes i still play)

Do you still love plushies?

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What are some of your passions?

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deadass writing article of my friends

What are some of your fears?

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losing a loved one

i hoped you enjoyed this article have a good day!