• The color of adventure and social communication.

Effects of orange : Enthusiasm , courage , rejuvenation and vitality.

Positive traits : Sociable , optimistic , enthusiastic , cheerful , self-confident , independent , flamboyant , extroverted , uninhibited , adventurous , the risk-taker , creative flair , warm-hearted , agreeable and informal.

Negative traits : Superficial , insincere , dependent , over-bearing , self-indulgent , the exhibitionist , pessimistic , inexpensive , unsociable and overly proud.

  • If favourite color : you move on easily from life's setbacks , patience is not one of your virtues and you can be quite forceful and domineering over others when understress , you can be indecisive , i,consistent and unpredictable , you may be an unkind practical joker , when feeling hurt , Orange lovers feel it in their abdomen as though it is lied in knots.
  • Deepest need : to be with people , to socialize with them and be accepted and respected as part of a group.
  • If disliked colour : you are not comfortable in large groups , you do not lie partying and socializing , you are more comfortable with a small circle of friends , you don't like flamboyance and showing off , you may be holding yourself back socially , it can also indicate anger at having been treated cruelly at some stage in your life.


  • Hair
beauty, finger waves, and hair image tumblr inspo, hairstyle goal, and orange image beautiful, girl, and wow image Image by Hope K
  • Eyeshadow
eyelashes, eyeshadow, and fashion image makeup, beauty, and eyes image makeup, flowers, and beauty image makeup, orange, and eyes image
  • Lips
Image by FabSouthernDiva aesthetic, lips, and lipstick image beauty, closeup, and drip image aesthetic, lips, and gloss image
  • Nails
Temporarily removed nails, orange, and beauty image Temporarily removed lava, long nails, and red nails image
  • T-shirts
style, clothes, and fashion image orange, aesthetic, and style image fashion, orange, and outfit image outfit, aesthetic, and fashion image
  • Tops
orange, fashion, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed fashion, orange, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and clothes image
  • Pants
disco, fashion, and orange image Temporarily removed fashion, orange, and outfit image Temporarily removed
  • Skirts
outfit, yellow, and fashion image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
  • Dresses
Temporarily removed elegant, glam, and night image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dainty, dress, and fashion image
  • Coats
fashion, coat, and outfit image Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
  • Sneakers
adidas, aesthetic, and fashion image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, outfit, and shoes image
  • Heels
high heels, luxury, and shoes image heels, fashion, and shoes image orange, aesthetic, and shoes image heels, orange, and shoes image
  • Boots
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It boots, fashion, and heels image Temporarily removed
  • Bags
bag, brand, and chanel image bag, nike, and socks image aesthetic, bag, and orange image bag, fashion, and style image
  • Accessories
accessories and orange image sunglasses, aesthetic, and orange image accessories, aesthetic, and earrings image accessories, beauty, and citrine image
  • Flowers
flores, flowers, and fleurs image Image by ig @alowfeed flores, flowers, and fleurs image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image
  • Makeup
chanel, makeup, and nails image eye makeup, eyeshadow, and makeup image makeup, mango, and orange image Temporarily removed
  • Food
Halloween, cupcake, and ghost image fruit, food, and orange image orange, aesthetic, and fruit image aesthetic, drink, and food image
  • Room
aesthetic, bed, and calm image decor, decorating, and interiors image etsy, living room rug, and 4 feet round carpet image aesthetic, living room, and orange image
  • Cars
automobiles, cars, and orange image 1970s, 70s, and automobiles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • Animals
adorable, animal, and bat image cat, kitten, and cute animals image fish, aesthetic, and orange image Temporarily removed
  • Books
bookmark, books, and read image orange, aesthetic, and book image aesthetic, bookish, and reading image books image

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