Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with finding the right titles. Whether it was an essay, and assignment or one of my stories and text, I sucked at giving it a title. I remember that, on my first Wattpad stories, I just chose and random word and went with it. This lasted until I was sixteen because that was when I published my first book and I just knew that I needed to find the right, the best, title for it. It went from "Cello" (yes, it was in english even though the story was written in portuguese) to "Symphony of Obsession"/"Obsession's Symphony" (in Portuguese: Sinfonia da Obsessão).

After this, I kind of started to love longer titles and, today, my longest title has, like, five words. It's definitely a mouthful. But, the thing is...how do you even find a right title? How do you find the one word - or the two or three words - that can sum up your story, your plot, your goals for it and be catchy? Who even does that? Who's good at it? Not me, for sure. I've struggled with titles my inner-writer was born, the same way I've always struggled with the synopsis.

I tend to write huge paragraphs. I have a lot to say and I stand by that, I absolutely despise one-sentence paragraphs unless it makes sense. I like to be descriptive, to dissect my characters' feelings and what they're seeing and I can't do that in one or two sentenced. And just like I hate writing them, I hate reading them - they don't make sense to me. So you see my problem, if I can barely write a damn wall in less than five sentences, how will I basically describe an entire story in a title? In a synopsis? It's really, really, really hard.

A lot of insecurities and questions plague me during this process. What if it's too cliché? What if it's already used? What if it's too short? Too long? What if it won't catch attention? What if, what if, what if. Sometimes no title, at least while I'm writing, is better than a bad title. Sometimes I want to find a title so badly that I literally can't start writing (bad brain, bad bad brain). Sometimes the title comes to me rather quickly, but it's so idiotic that I can't stop laughing.

To name a thing is complicated, because the name defines it. Haven't you ever felt that your name doesn't quite fit you? That you would be better named something else? I kind of had to learn to like my own name. And now, I'm 21 and I'm way too used to being called Cat instead of Catarina by my friends that, at times, I even struggled to say my own name. Because I don't associate myself, my personality, with my actual name, but rather with my nickname.

And, like, I know - rationally, I know - that stories don't have feelings and won't ever feel like their name isn't appropriate, but I'd hate to think that people are reading my stories and thinking "well, this isn't what the title got me waiting for".