To be honest, a lot of movies make me cry. These are some of my favorites. If you ever feel like having a good cry.

Standing Up (2013)
glasses image
Dead poets society (1989)
Image removed dead poets society image
Boyhood (2014)
movie, boyhood, and film image boyhood image
One Day (2011)
love, one day, and movie image love, couple, and one day image
Me Before You (2016)
romance and parejas image Image by Private User
My girl (1991)
Image by Gionna Image by ε=ε=ε=?
The last Song (2010)
miley cyrus, the last song, and liam hemsworth image love, miley cyrus, and the last song image
The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (2012)
jennifer garner image
The Hate You Give (2018)
activist, police brutality, and starr image police brutality, starr, and thug image
The Choice (2016)
the choice image 2016, film, and flirt image
Little Women (2019)
blonde, film, and greta gerwig image
The Breakfast Club (1985)
The Breakfast Club image sad, quotes, and The Breakfast Club image

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