Hi everyone! It’s @nostalgicnights and I’m back with another article. I would like to thank everyone for the love and support I’ve been receiving from my articles <3 I hope everyone’s practicing social distancing and staying at home. In this article, I’ll be writing about how to stay focused and get the best out of online classes. Online classes are now part of a daily routine for students, but it can be tricky for us to concentrate on what is taught through these zoom calls. Here are some things you can do to improve your focus and get good grades.

Before class

1. Review your study material

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If your professor or teacher has sent out the topics you will be studying the next day, it’s always best to review it yourself first. Get a brief idea about what you will be learning, this way, you won’t feel completely lost while listening to your lessons.

2. Get a good night’s sleep

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Sleep is extremely important for you to stay focused during class so that you won’t drift off to dreamland. Practice a healthy sleeping schedule and avoid being on your phone before bed because that’s how you would end up pulling an all-nighter.

3. Establish a relaxing morning routine

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By having a stress-free morning, you won’t feel so tense while studying. This makes it easier for your brain to absorb information and gain knowledge. Eat a fulfilling breakfast and stay hydrated as well to raise your energy levels. You are also encouraged to do some light exercises so that your body feels fully alert and energized.

4. Wear something comfortable that’s not too comfy

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I know most people recommend putting on your best work outfit for online meetings, but sometimes what we wear could also feel uncomfortable which might end up becoming a distraction. Wear something that is comfortable but also gets you in a study mood, such as sweatpants or leggings with an oversized tee. Avoid staying in your PJs because this would just remind you of how sleepy you are.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Study at your desk, not your bed!

During class

1. Put your electronics on silent and ‘do not disturb’ mode

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Devices are our biggest distractions, so put it away. Stay focused in class by being attentive in listening to what the teacher is teaching and always have a notebook with you to take down important information.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

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Never be afraid to ask your teacher questions because online classes can be more difficult as you expected. If you want to keep those grades up, then be active in seeking knowledge, and don’t be afraid to fail. Note: It is not embarrassing at all to ask whenever you don’t understand something.

3. Prepare a healthy snack and water

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At times, online classes can be very long and this causes us to lose our concentration. It is helpful to prepare a snack that we can munch on while listening, such as almonds, nuts, etc. Drink lots of water to feel rejuvenated, this will help us in staying focused.

After class

1. Take a break

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Finally, this is your time to chill and do whatever you want. You are encouraged to walk around and simply relax your mind. Start some new hobbies that are self-fulfilling and enjoyable.

2. Revise your study material

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After classes, it is beneficial to refresh our memory by revising what we’ve learned in class. Do some practice questions and write down some notes. This way, you can study effectively.


Online classes can be tough, but as long as we adapt to it, we can get the best out of it. Stay safe and healthy, and get them grades! All the best and I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article. Thank you xoxo

Written by @nostalgicnights for the Tenth Muse Writers Team