Hii everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about analog photography.

Since a few years I've been really in to analog photography.
I really like the idea to take a photo to capture the moment. That's why I take most of the time random snaps of what I see. I like pictures that captures a spontaneous moment. The beauty in analog photography is that you have one shot to take a picture. Also you can't directly see how your picture turned out. That's why analog shot makes a moment extra special. Making a picture on film, makes you conscious about your environment. You really make a effort to take a good pic, because you don't want to waste any film.

After a couple of weeks, when you develop your film, you remember these little moments that you almost forgot. Looking back at my pictures it makes me really excited and happy to see how it turned out.

I like remembering things and this is my way to capture some favorites moment of my life.

The analog camera I use is actually the camera my parents used back in the days. I love that it is still working and my parents bought a camera for the same reason, to capture moments :).

That's why I actually would recommend to check if your parents have any analog camera's still chilling at your house. And use it, u gonna love it !

Here are two of my fav nature shots. If you wanna see more you can follow me on insta https://www.instagram.com/deniz.x/.
Thankyou <3

film, magnolia, and photographer image
35mm, amsterdam, and kodak image

I hope u liked reading this and maybe even gonna try analog photography!