when did you meet them?

January 2020

artist, singer, and stylé image

first song you ever listened to?


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favorite members

Erick and Zabdiel

twitter pack, erick brian, and zabdiel image erick, zabdiel, and cnco image

favorite songs

Mi Medicina and Hey DJ

boy, dog, and zabdiel de jesús image

favorite music video

Honey Boo

celebrities, fashion, and natti natasha image zabdiel de jesús and cnco image

funniest member(s)?

Christopher and Erick

accessories, celebrities, and honey boo image parís, cnco, and erick colon image

cutest member(s)?

Joel and Zabdiel

zabdiel de jesús, joel pimentel, and richard camacho image boys, zabdiel de jesús, and joel pimentel image

favorite vocals

Zabdiel and Richard

boy, love, and zabdiel de jesús image Christopher, Joel, and richard image

favorite dancer


richard camacho, cnco, and cncowners image richard camacho and cnco image

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