`·..♡⃗ 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 ! ˎˊ˗

⋆ A → a song written easily - oneus

blue, mv, and oneus image kpop, keonhee, and seoho image
i keep saying i miss you ,i pray for you to come back

⋆ B → badman - bap

bap, kpop, and badman image mv, badman, and bap image
You're in danger, You've reached the end, get away

⋆ C → clap - seventeen

clap, mv, and Seventeen image clap, mv, and kpop image
Why does this only happen to me? Only worries keep growing

⋆ D → ddd - exid

aesthetic, ddd, and gif image music video, mv, and red image
Stop driving me crazy, Just stop, I cant take it much longer

⋆ E → easy - wheein

blonde, blue, and Easy image blonde, cap, and kpop image
I'm not easy, I don't like that stuff

⋆ F → fantasia - monsta x

minhyuk, kpop icons, and kihyun image aesthetic, art, and fantasia image
Let me be your fantasy

⋆ G → goodnight - dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher and gif image asian, dreamcatcher, and gif image
In this endlessly repeating nightmare

⋆ H → hellevator - straykids

Image removed gif, stray kids, and skz image
My life was rock bottom, an edge of a cliff, I'm walking in a dark tunnel

⋆ I → instagram - dean

aesthetic, black and white, and dean image b&w, black and white, and gif image
There's a hole in my heart, Nothing can fill it up

⋆ J → jealousy - monsta x

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Just stop talking about him

⋆ K → killing me - ikon

gif, Ikon, and b.i image aesthetic, DK, and Ikon image
I didn't know the weight of farewells

⋆ L → lyricist - heize

2020, kpop, and lyricist image k-pop, heize, and k-soloist image
Even when they laugh and cry, they write lyrics

⋆ M → maria - hwasa

dress, korean, and girl image candles, girl, and kpop image
If you really want to see me crying, here you go, my tears

⋆ N → noir - sunmi

sunmi, noir, and kpop image sunmi, kpop, and noir image
You'll get hurt first

⋆ O → oh my! - seventeen

Seventeen, oh my, and kpop image Seventeen, kpop, and oh my image
As i look at you, i think of you even more

⋆ P → poison - vav

baron, poison era, and vav image jacob, vav, and poison era image
I tried to forget you

⋆ Q → queen - history

history, kpop, and mv image history, mv, and Queen image
If you say nothing and keep going for tommorow

⋆ R → red moon - kard

red moon and kard image red moon and kard image
Never ending timeline

⋆ S → shoot me - day6

mv, comeback, and shoot me image mv, comeback, and shoot me image
So if you wanna hurt me, Baby just hurt me

⋆ T → twilight - oneus

idol, kpop, and kfashion image idol, kpop, and kfashion image
Day and night is meaningless

⋆ U → um oh ah yeh - mamamoo

bathtub, kpop, and mamamoo image mamamoo, kpop, and solar image
I'm falling for you

⋆ V → valkryie - oneus

Temporarily removed kpop, mv, and valkyrie image
Stole my heart and ran away

⋆ W → what - dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, kpop, and what image dreamcatcher, kpop, and what image
In this dream that I'm trapped in

⋆ X → xoxo - exo

exo, wolf, and kpop image B&N, black and white, and kris image
My heart is deep, deeper than the sea

⋆ Y → you calling my name - got7

kpop, mv, and got7 image Temporarily removed
Please give me one more chance

⋆ Z → zutter - gd & top

Temporarily removed adorable, big bang, and mv image
It's a mistake to call me GD, call me GOD

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