Hello hogwarts lover I always wanted to determine my own character at Hogwarts. Today is the day. I show you what I will look like, not to mention the hours I will be attending :))

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Alizon baiers


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long dark brown hair and a wunderful body


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Blood status



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it is someone who always expresses his opinion towards the person. it doesn't reveal secrets, it is full of quotes, love and secrets


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She comes from a very famous and rich family. Her whole generation was a Slytherin, but she decided differently


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Dragon venom with a subtle hint of snake blood


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literally a kneazle

Favorites classes

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Favorites spells

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outside school

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she loves to drink butter beer, also she painting a lot of things.


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i knew many but some of them were more than friends. When I first met Harry, we knew we were no different. I always wanted to know how a Muggle lives, so I made friends with Hermione, which was definitely not a mistake. Ron immediately caught my eye. his rat was in my jacket pocket. I also know his brothers. They let me test their sweets first

Yule ball

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Love interest

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Alizon was in love with Draco Malfoy. Draco had to meet alizon when his father found out she was in the same school as Draco. His parents just wanted to find out information, but Draco didn't want it. Draco was fascinated by her when she told him how real he was and she knew that he was much smarter for it. Since then he has fallen in love with alizon and has also invited her to the ball soon.