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Hello my loves,

I recently saw this article about creating a template to built your own fashion style and I quickly decided to make one too. I am just getting started with writing about Fashion, so I hope you don´t mind that:)
Without further ado, let´s get to know my fashion style!

My overall Style:

fashion and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and style image girl, fashion, and aesthetic image
I like wide pants with tight Tops/Shirts paired with a 90´s bag and lots of golden accessories.

My Color palette:

black, aesthetic, and art image nails, Nude, and brown image aesthetics, paint, and white image red, aesthetic, and lipstick image
Black and white are my main colors. But since I have pale skin and dark hair, I also like brown or red-colored clothes.

Patterns I wear:

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I usually don´t wear lots of patterns, but my absolute favorite is definitely leoprint! I also have some pieces with plaid, dots, and floral.

My fashion aesthetic:

Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and outfit image Temporarily removed nike, aesthetic, and style image
feminine, classy, a little bit sporty

Shoe closet:

aesthetic, alternative, and black image nike, white, and sneakers image goal goals life, inspi inspiration, and luxury luxe nude image fashion, heels, and shoes image
White Nike air force 1 as daily sneaker, Heels, and Boots to pimp up some outfits

Go-To accessories:

fashion and sunglasses image earrings, gold, and jewellery image Temporarily removed fashion, bags, and purses image
My ultimate go-to accessory is my black handbag! I also like to wear sunglasses, if it fits the outfit. I prefer golden accessories and love to wear some rings.

My Go-To Bags:

girl, italia, and blackbag image fashion, bag, and green image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, bag, and style image
Mainly black bags, but some statement bags.

My Favorite Shops:

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Zara, Chanel, Nike, and H&M

People that inspire me:

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Hailey Baldwin, Princess Diana, Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid!

My Parfume:

aesthetic, beauty, and Burberry image perfume image perfume, beauty, and Burberry image christina, good, and parfume image
The Burberry one smells insane! I also really like Juicy Couture, Miss Dior and the ones from Christina Aguilera

My Favorite Hairstyle:

earrings, hair, and jewelry image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion and nails image
I usually tie my hair in a bun or I clip them up with a clasp.

Everyday Make-Up:

brows, eye, and makeup image makeup, hair, and style image beauty, fashion, and makeup image lips, red, and lipstick image
Neutral Make-Up with some great red lipstick

My Future Style:

Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and look image fashion, dress, and style image
A bit more mature and classy. I also would like to be maybe a little bit more experimental with my clothings.

Thank you very much for reading! If you liked my fashion style, you should make sure to follow me, so you don´t miss out on one of my next fashion articles ;)

-Lots of kisses, Svea<3

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