everyone of us has his own Kind of beauty; god created each one of us perfectly, everyone of us is perfect of his own way. you can't compare yourself to another, you're unique, there's only one you in the world, only One, no one is you, no one thinks the way you do, no one has the dreams you have, no one is nice like you, no one can see the world the way you do, you are Exceptionnel. Remind yourself of this EVERY Single day! never let anyone, not any one person on earth, make you feel you're not, don't allow anyone to make you question your worth; we all are here, and there's a reason for that, we are here to be Happy, to discover who we really are and why did god create us, we are here to learn about ourselves, know what we want, and what's the purpose of our existence. we are here to be the best version of ourselves, the best we can ever be, we are here to enjoy every breath we take. it doesn't matter how we look like, we are all perfect in our own ways, everyone of us has his own perfect beauty body shape; don't ever try to compare yourself to another, there's only one exceptionnel you; i'm sure that the world can see that you're beautiful, i'm sure that many people looked at you and thought you were so freaking beautiful and AMAZING but never told you... it's time to change the way we think about ourselves, i know that the world we live in, made us compare ourselves to others, made us not prefer the way we look like; it's time to change that, it's time to appreciate our unique selves. one day me and myself will leave this world and life will flash before my eyes on my last breaths, i want to cry that moment, i want to have happiness tears, i want to have that peaceful feeling inside my heart, that i was happy and that i loved myself more than anything, and made my beautiful peaceful self everything precious to me; my beautiful soul and my kind heart deserve everything beautiful in the world, and that's what i'm gonna give them.