hi guys! we are gonna be discussing my unpopular vs. popular opinions, these are my simply my opinions, i was going to do unpopular but most of them are very popular so i just included it hehe.

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1. i like yunho's dancing better than san's
this is mostly based off of MY preference when it comes to dancing. i love san's dancing and his stage presence but to me, yunho's dancing just appeals to me more. san is best boy doe love him

san and ateez image Image by paulinebrookes76

2. i actually really liked hylt...
OKAY, hear me out... the song wasn't that bad. rose's pre-chorus was really good same with the other verses and lisa's rap was good too. i didn't like the "ba da bing ba da boom" part or the "dudududu" part. i think people were just disappointed bc of how long they waited but don't hate on the girls sheesh !

lisa, rose, and rosie image lisa, rose, and yg image

3. wayv is apart of nct
this really isn't an opinion more like a FACT. i think yall forget the problems that china and korea have that doesn't allow them to be called "nct" or be associated with nct. they are apart of it, just because their group is different doesn't mean they arent apart of it? nct dream is also different than nct 127 but i don't see yall claiming it isn't nct. guys, their og name was supposed to be nct vision and sm confirmed ot21....

kpop, lucas, and winwin image kpop, lucas, and winwin image

3. if you don't like the group or don't stan, whatever just keep it to yourself
i see so many people hate on other groups for literally no reason and always find a way to compare, etc? first of all it is just so rude to disrespect another group when all of them have worked so hard to even debut. you are just wasting your time by hating on another group when you can use that time to stream your faves.

4. just because some members outshine others in xyz doesn't mean they are less talented
a lot of underappreciated members go unnoticed because other members shine more when it comes to either rapping, singing, and dancing. it is only when they are solo, they get to showcase their talent. mostly the companies fault but dont go throwing that word around for every idol that's not ur fave.

5. stans who only stan one group don't really have an input at who is the best at "xyz"
i got this from reddit, but if you only stan one group, only listen to that group, pay attention to that group, don't venture out, etc.. then you don't really have a say at who is the best at xyz, most of the time you are biased to ur group. you don't have enough experience listening to other groups and exploring the kpop world to really know who is the best.

6. it is okay to stop stanning a group because of the fandom
i know the fans don't make the artist but most of the time when you are trying to stan the group peacefully and not mind the toxic stans, they just become more overwhelming and just make the whole experience worse.

7. 2nd gen gets discredited TOO often
2nd gen started a lot of trends that are in kpop 'till this day like bigbang become the first group to have a lightstick, shinee being the first group to get idols recognized as dancers and have the first dance practice video, and snsd who was the first to include photocards in albums. 2nd gen really helped start the hallyu wave and made it so third gen can take kpop internationally and make it known in america.

Image by N E N A snsd, girls generation, and kpop image

8. got7 could've been EVEN more successful if jyp promoted them better
if they were promoted like twice (not overworked) then they would've been at bigger scale than they are rn. they are only known for jackson and being comedians bc that's all jyp made them out to be. they have so much potential, they make really good music not to mention self-produce, they can dance plus acrobatics, sing, rap, and can speak multiple languages plus have foreigner members? idk why jyp can't see the potential in his bgs its disgusting they deserve better.

kpop and got7 image kpop and got7 image

9. hold your faves accountable, stop babying them
recently there have been many cultural appropriations in kpop and racist scandals, i hate seeing fans trying to justify their actions bc they are a fan. these issues are very important and now that kpop is a bigger scale, there are a lot of people watching them, so you need to hold them accountable so they can grow and learn. they are grown enough to know they are wrong. also stop invalidating those who are offended! if you are not a part of the community then you dont have a say.


ʚ thank you so much for reading
i hope you have a good day! ɞ