How's it going, guys! So Kiana Ledé released her debut album; KIKI, back in April, and for some reason, I did not do a "My Thoughts" review to it when it came out. Now that it's been out for a while, I want to share my opinion on it. Enjoy!!

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Release Date: April 1, 2020
Genre: R&B/Soul
Singles: Mad At Me, Forfeit

1. Cancelled

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This is a really good intro song. This is a song she wrote for a friend and it's basically saying; screw that boy it's his loss he's canceled.

2. Movin

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This is one of my least favorites on this album, but I still bump it. Like, don't dwell on the small petty stuff, keep it movin and focus on yourself.

3. Chocolate (ft. Ari Lennox)

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This is one of my favorites on this album and Ari Lennox was the perfect collab on this one. I really like the slow and old school feel of this one

4. Forfeit (ft. Lucky Daye)

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Literally one of the best on this album hands down. It's nice and slow with a guitar in the back, and the beat drops at the perfect time. These two on this track is everything

5. Second Chances (ft. 6lack)

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Basically, you are done with giving that certain someone more chances because, in the end, you know that they are just going to continue to do you wrong. I really enjoy Kiana's voice in this song and her lyrics.

6. Crazy

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This isn't one of my favorites on the album, but it's still really good. I like the irony of the song, she's talking about how crazy she is but the beat is really calm and slow.

7. Plenty More

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Another one of my favorites, although I'm not that big of a fan of the instrumental at the end. Basically, she already did several crazy things but if you keep testing her, you will see there is more than that came from.

8. Skiterlude

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This is one of the best interludes I've ever heard. It's really funny and her vocals are really nice and pretty on it.

9. Feel A Way

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Basically, why is she staying in this situation when you keep making her question you and your loyalty. This song is soo good and it's beat is a really nice chill R&B.

10. Good Girl (ft. Col3trane)

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Tbh I don't really listen to the song, mostly because I'm not a fan of Col3trane's voice. But basically it's saying why do all of us good girls end up with bad seeds?

11. Attention

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Hands Down!! The best on the album. The emotion that Kiana exhibits in this song is amazing and beautiful. The vocals that she serves in this song is amazing and gives me goosebumps. Such a beautiful song.

*12. Separation (ft. Arin Ray)

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Arin and Kiana together=Perfection. Their harmonies are beautiful and soo satisfying. Like yes Kiana I do think about you all the time, even in my dreams.

13. Protection

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This song resonates with me bc I don't have a father figure in my life so, I know that when I get married, that person will be my protection or my home away from home.

14. No Takebacks

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This is the last song on the album, and it's a great way to end it. Your words do have effects on people so be careful what you say because you can't take them back.

Overall this album is one of the best that has been released this year in my opinion. The chill R&B sound is perfect when you just want to vibe by yourself. If you haven't heard it already you should definitely give it a listen.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, make sure you guys are continuing to stay safe and practice social distancing. Don't be afraid to message me, I would love to get to know you guys and be friends :)