15 Tools You May Have Overlooked

Diply -This is an information curator. Diply has staff writers that provide what seems to be light hearted and funny articles. This content can be used to build you a ready made library of content at your fingertips. There is also a section of memes, quotes, and funny short posts. If you are trying to build your social presence on various outlets you are aware of how fast you run out of engaging material. The fact is if you are only promoting your articles each day you are probably going to reach a ceiling that is hard to break through. You will find that if you continually spam your social with your own work people will either mute you or unfollow. To keep people engaged you really must have a well rounded thread of material to keep readers engaged. Diply makes it really easy to share from and I tend to add a few articles mixed in with my auto poster. Super easy and it has seemed to keep my socials growing so far. Another aspect of Diply is, They Hire content writers with at home positions. Amazing perks to rival google. If you are still struggling to get your blog earning this would be a great position to investigate. Great experience with salary and benefits. If I had more time I would definitely apply.
Vero- This is a free mobile app with no ads. This app is for social media purposes and they do not collect data. This means that posts show up in the order they were uploaded. No more competition with paid ads that fill your other social feeds. Also the overall feel is less rushed and competitive. You do have to enter your phone number in order to signup. It's a big benefit though because this means less ghost accounts. Your social numbers here reflect true followers and they tend to be more engaged. All of these are pluses for blog writers that are hoping to get a new subscriber by hoping they will read your article rather then swipe by it. It's not a replacement for the big pillars like twitter and Instagram, but I enjoy taking a break from them and engaging on this app.

Bawler -This is a social site for content and blogging support. Post your work and share information. Incredibly supportive group, You are able to create a profile and showcase your url so you also gain readers and subscribers from this group. However unlike the sites like medium and Wattpad you do not have to pay to read. I find that the readers on this site tend to be true writers. The content I have found here is of higher quality then the average blog I come across being promoted on Twitter. Due to all of these reasons I value the feedback I get there. So far I have experienced well thought out comments with substance. In order to capture the full value of some of the reviews I have started asking the authors if I can capture it, I plan to move it to my blog in the future. The benefit of well written reviews is well worth the few minutes it requires to upload my articles here.
Stumble Up turned into Mix- A place to Share your articles. Find content and save articles for reading at a later time. Mix is a large collection of articles in a really pleasant to use app. The format is easy to navigate and has a high number of daily engagement traffic. You can post your articles with links to your site so you get the full benefit of attracting readers and subscribers. What you don't get is the competitive nature of sites like twitter. It has another benefit of being a great place to find content to share to your socials. I find a great mix of current event articles and funny. All are formatted to look good on a feed. You can easily share articles to the three big ones Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest with little effort. These will definitely increase your feed value and keep your followers where you want them.

Skyrock - This is a place to post your articles also. It feels like an online journal and is very simply put together. The biggest pro to this site in my opinion is reaching a different fan base. The users of this site are predominantly Latin American. Personally I strive for the largest reach possible. So a site that reaches a different group it definitely makes it on my post rotation. Another positive is if you need unlimited storage for articles and pictures. I can see it being a place to store articles or content you haven't completely developed. I run my website and every task from my phone and iPad. I’m sure many of you do also, desk tops seem to be more trouble then they are worth now days. I have a huge amount of photo shopped images that I have stored between several cloud storage apps. To alleviate this situation I foresee for the sake of organization using this site for projects needing to be completed. Otherwise in my case they have the possibility to be forgotten once uploaded to storage.
Live journal- It’s a basic journal application customizable and will collect your Twitter feed. Easy to use and navigate. No need for highly formatted content as it is primarily basic posting much of it appears to be typed directly into the field. Membership is largely Russian. No worries though most everything is in English. Great place to target an otherwise untapped market, I haven't read about anyone else targeting this app. Easy to add your content and requires very little effort to maintain. Great resource when you want to take a break from your usual routine. I have left this outlet for months at a time and been able to jump on and have retained my following. Also you can add your google analytics which can bump your numbers. All a plus in a tool I’m considering.

We heart it- Has an add follow icon to add to your site.. I find the pink follow icons to be completely adorable. The whole site for me felt lite and refreshing. Maybe because one of my interest settings happens to be dogs. I will say that my articles about Apollo the French Mastiff and his pictures receive tons of hearts here. I think life style and beauty bloggers do especially well also. You can connect this to Twitter for fast sharing. You will find it seems to be overall a younger crowd, which may be an opportunity for you to reach a market you haven't previously. The engagement so far feels genuine and drama free.
Spreely- This is nicely put together and you can customize your page. Allows you to publish articles via a link to Facebook. Is advertised as an open space to speak freely. There are no ads which is nice. The option I like the best is the ability to create my own news feed. You choose the news topics and outlets you prefer and create your own rss feed. I like to share news and current events on my social to keep my followers engaged and I find this to be really useful. I also upload my articles to this site so I am getting dual use of my time while on the app. It is pretty laid back and has slow movement. The connections I do make here have been steady, rarely do the numbers go down. This is unlike my following on Instagram and Twitter which grows but fluctuates a lot.

Blogster- This is a basic set up to share and read articles. The readers on this site are great about commenting. This is a community much as you would expect by its name. Blogster is for blogs and those looking for blogs. It's basically an online journal site. This is just fine for my purposes. I tend to post raw material here to get feedback. I don't have to worry about making it pretty. The upside is, if I do take the time to promote my finished pieces here they tend to stand out. Really if you ever want to get your head blown up because your having a tough day, post a well written article here. The people here seem to have a well of compliments at their disposal. Overall a slow paced positive option.
Quora- A tool to find questions from random people and information curation. People use Quora in different ways depending on their needs. It's a pretty versatile tool if you think outside of the box. My take on this site is to skim for topics. People regularly post questions for anyone to answer. You can view answers if they are given. But better yet if they aren't answered it's a perfect topic to research yourself to answer in the form of an article. In my research on blogging I have seen the tip, what are you going to solve or educate with your article. It's one of the basic principles of getting started. In my opinion where better to get ideas then a site made for that exact purpose. Rather then using a topic generator that usually just provides you with a question asked and answered many times over. Here you get what real people really are asking. Another plus to this site is the ability to view opposing opinion on a question. This gives you another opportunity to take a stance and provide well written content to defend that opinion. Next time your in a rut take a peek and see if you find some inspiration.

Wattpad- This website reminds me of medium, pay to read articles. The difference being these are collections of books. There are plenty of options in both the free and paid sections for readers. This means they have a pretty diverse and large audience. It is possible to make money by submitting your work here. The reason its lucrative is that Wattpad doesn't pay you based on what the reader pays for the book. The income is based on the ads that are viewed while the reader is engaged with your story. This I feel is a better model for the authors. Rather then the model used by medium for example. In the case of medium the amount you make is dependent on the reader clicking on the clapping hands once they are finished. The flaw in this model is what we have all experienced with our own blogs, readers rarely click that like button. I don't have a finished book myself, but if I did this site is something I would submit to. For now I keep up on new material and watch it develop.
Open diary- paid subscription diary online which is largely drama free. The down side is a no promotion rule. On the plus side I received feedback on my article quickly and the overall feel is supportive. I felt that the feedback was honest because it wasn't given in hopes of a trade to comment on their material. It's meant to be a place to write down thoughts. Others will engage on it, and readers are open to any topic.

My space- The social media platform has not given up. It's mostly artists like musicians at this point. However there is decent amount of bloggers participating and sharing content on this site. Updated news articles are present usually from a celebrity standpoint. Many of the articles I found were current and from the viewpoint of the entertainment industry. I found a few items pretty quickly that gave me ideas. Thinking out of the box I think it can still be useful to spruce up an article with a fresh viewpoint. I write primarily about mental health and no one seemed to mind my posts . I received pleasant feedback that was laid back and given freely. There doesn't seem to be the same hustle for sharing and such as I experience at let's say twitter. Everyone was positive and helpful and really relaxed. It had been pleasant and a nice change of pace. It does allow you to choose blogger during signup. So you can find other bloggers relatively easily.
Snippy- This is an open forum setup where people from across primarily it seems the United States can share and read opinions. This may be a good place to test topic ideas or gauge a topic response to write on. With this site you have the ability to find an idea when your stuck. I feel it would be better then topic generators due to the real human aspect it offers. The only downside I found with the site is it isn't going to be for everyone. It is built on the idea of free speech, which in theory is amazing. However in practice it can be a bit messy. I understand that strong opinions are on every social media platform but from the times I visited the site it was not as friendly as several of the others I have already mentioned. Controversy can be the making of a great article though so don’t rule it out.

Bloglovin- This is a group of bloggers posting content which bloglovin promotes through their email newsletter. They send out the newsletter regularly, and nothing is needed by you to be part of the promotion. Of course the more engagement you have the higher the chances of repeat promotion and landing the featured spots. You can post directly or as I do, have it set on auto post. You can reap the rewards with minimal engagement or beef it up by participating. Great way to browse a large amount of blogs to do your own research on trends. The best benefit is the promotion you receive here which is funneled directly to your site. All articles are tied directly to the source. My rss feed from my blog feeds directly to their site. This means no extra steps in posting. And the big bonus is when someone clicks the article they are directed to my site to read it. There is no cost to be included at this site and no attempts to upsell. I was surprised to find when I started there that a paid plan wasn't offered.

So that is it for today’s 15 tips to get your blog recharged. I hope you have found some strategies that you can implement in your own routine. If you have any sites you find to be staples in your blog promotion plan I would love to hear about them.