Hey babes,

Summer is coming to an end so I wanted to share a few things from glow up guides to letting go of that lame ass guy.

ONE: Let's talk about YOU. 💕
I think one of THE BEST ways to keep a positive mindset is to keep a journal. Now I know you've probably seen post after post about journaling but I swear, they're right. It doesn't have to be an actual journal either! You can use your laptop or even in the notes on your phone!

Here are some REALLY good journal prompts: 📝

she has more that aren't even included in this collection!

Here is a really good self discovery article too!


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TWO: Let's talk about GLOW UPS
I am all for self-care and cleansing yourself and your life. I think this is so important because seasonal depression is REAL. There are so many silent sufferers out there, and it is truly not fair.
Do your best to stay healthy!
Invest in yourself, invest the time and care, you deserve it.
ALWAYS remember to do what makes you happy. 🥰

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THREE: Let's talk about the good things to remember EVERYDAY 💌

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Thank you so much for reading!
I hope that you are as positive as ever. 🤍

Love, Jazmyn