Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article of this account! I decided to write articles on Sundays which are related to worries we usually have. The first and most common is MYSELF. Not just my body and my external appearance, but also my character and the way that I behave to other people.So, let's get started.....

  • Family

Our family is a very important part of our life, because, especially, our parents try to communicate with us at a very young age. We spend many hours with them and we create new experiences. Through them, we build our behaviour. In this way, they have a huge reflection to us.

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  • Friends

In my opinion, people, that they don't have not at all friends, are human beings who need special treatment, because they don't have the courage and the confidence to meet new people. We have to accept them and talk to them. On the other hand, there are people with many friends and they belong to a team. In this team, they have common things and ,of course, differences that make them look even more unique.

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  • Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok etc... They are even moore and they afflect our lives. It's very normal to use social media today because everyone does! Don't feel sorry, since they can be also very effective. We have the opportunity to communicate with other people, create our own account and make our one and only asthetic.

  • School

Most of teenagers don't like school. Me neither. However, since we spend many hours of our days there, we learn, we meet, we socialise. Our friends, our teachers are people who have a reflection on us and our character depends on them. At this age it's normal to have many changes on our behaviour.

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However, you shouldn't try to match with some people just to impress them. The right thing to do is just BE YOURSELF AND DON'T FEEL GUILTY. Everyone is special and you have your own thoughts, experiences, likes and opinions. Go have fun, meet new people, exercise, travel and do whatever you want to. There are people who criticise or they try to degrade others just to feel better. Don't give up and don't feel sad. You have to accept yourself just the way you are. We all deserve the best of ourselfs. So, this is your opportunity.
Live every day like it's your last day!!

That's it for today guyss!! I hope you liked it!! Send me a postcard if you would like to read something different on this account and don't forget to check my other articles! Until next time....... SEE YAAAAA....