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welcome to another article!
on the july 1st i finally put my foot in an airplane again and went home after six months away.
so for today’s article i’m writing about my experience and how things changed. i’m not sure if any of you are interested in this, but i just feel like talking about it, so here we go!

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when i found out that, on the june 21st, with the end of the emergency state in Spain, we would be able to travel in Europe again, i “run” to find a flight to return home.
unfortunately, Portugal decided to open the board just on the july 1st so my first flight was cancel and moved to july 1st.

before the flight
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two days before my flight i checked every website to see what would i need to my travel. apart from was i used need (passport and all the others documents), i also needed to fill a “Passenger Locator Card” that would allowed Portuguese health authorities to trace me in case any passenger in my flight may have been exposed to the virus.
this document was supposed to be given to someone in the airport.
apart from that, every website that i visited said that was mandatory wear a face mask at all times in the airport.

in the airport
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as soon as i arrived to the airport, i was asked to put some hand sanitizer and show my boarding pass, since atm just people who would in fact travel were allowed to enter in the airport.
i also thought that someone would ask me if i had any symptom in the past days or maybe check my temperature, but none of that happen. they just saw me in my mask, checked my boarding pass and that’s it.
apart from that, the only difference that i notice was that now you can’t seat wherever you want and there were a lot of hand sanitizer spots!
and, to be honest, it was even messier than usually to board to my flight! nobody fulfilled the safety distance in the line, people tried to go in front of others! a mess!

during the flight
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there’s not much to say here!
everybody was using a face mask, some also had gloves, the flight wasn’t full but aside from that, i didn’t saw much difference…

after landing
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the arrival was as usual. the only thing they did was check my temperature and since it was ok, i was allowed to leave.
you may be ask “ how about the “Passenger Locator Card”? ” well, NOBODY asked for it!!! so in case someone in my flight had been exposed to the virus, i’ll probably never know, which seems ridiculous to me!
anyway, in Portugal we aren’t request to do a 14 days self-isolation, but i’m doing it anyway, just in case, because it's better be careful!

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i don’t know how things will be when i had to go back to Barcelona, but i sure expect people to be more careful, because the virus is still here! and i have a lot of trips that i wanna do!

well, it’s everything for today! thank you for reading! i’ll come back soon with more.
be safe
xx s. 👼🏼

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