Hello, guys! How are you, how is it going?

First of all, I’m new around here, so I think we should have our presentations done first:

I am Cristina, one of the new writers of the team! I’m 21 years old and I’m currently a law and business student (yay, it is as funny as it sounds). But we’re not here to talk about any of those topics, but one that is way better than them: summer!

Summer is finally here.

Most of you probably have already finished all of your exams. Maybe you are trying to handle this unique break the best way in order to not get bored or stuck in an empty and depressing routine with all that is going on in our surroundings with this virus.

Okay, chill. I am here to bring you some ideas to enjoy these days and make the most of them all. Yes, even the days you don’t want to be exactly productive but just feel like you did something without getting stressed or worried about social distancing or money.

Curious? Let’s jump into the article, then.

  • The most basic and, in my opinion, one of the best plans, is spending a whole day at the beach
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Lying in the sand, reading a book always sounds like a perfect plan to me. Also playing cards or just hanging out with good company. Nature always finds its ways to get you down to earth and appreciate it.

  • One word: Create

You can try to make your own jewellery, a video series of your summer plans, send letters, or even start a new writing project.

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In my case, I’ve been wanting to join a writers team for a while in WHI, so once I finished with my classes, I decided to finally go for it. First accomplishment of my summer so far!

  • Travel

If you are able to, try to do some traveling inside your country or even your hometown.

Sometimes you just think you know where you live. But, actually, you only know the places you are used to going to with your friends and family. Now that the opportunity is here, go and take a look in those areas you don't usually go to much. You'll be surprised with the beautiful places you may discover.

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Also, this will contribute to small businesses and also to keep the infection rate under control.

  • Explore

Related to this, try to go online and look for cute and not very known places in your city.

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I did this last year and I discovered pretty cool places that surely will be helpful in these circumstances.

  • Going for a walk or a ride!

Simple, but it will improve your mood without question.

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I’d recommend doing it in the mornings, while listening to some music, a podcast of just your surroundings, it’ll help you to set your mood for the day.
However, whenever you decide to go for it, it will feel so good to your body just adding some movement to your day.

  • Rooftop plans

If you have a garden, rooftop, or a cosy terrace you can have a drink, play some games, watch the stars, or the fireworks with some music on... make a good use of it!

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In my case, there are fireworks every once in awhile in my city during the summer due to one or other festivities, so make sure to look it up!

  • The typical BBQ plan
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It can be either in your place or somewhere else, because if you can’t count on these spaces at your home, you’ll always have the option to…

  • Go to cute picnics

- At the beach

beach, blue, and dinner image Temporarily removed beach, food, and picnic image food, drink, and picnic image

- Or in a cute park

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Or any place where you feel safe, if your house isn’t big enough
to keeping distance with your friends.

  • Sunset photo session
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Even if you’re alone, bring with you something to support your phone and try the timer!

  • Sleepovers!

Either with friends or close family members, face to face or through FaceTime, having a sleepover is always a good option for any summer night.

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There are plenty of things you can do: watch a film (give NetflixParty a try) or play games (HouseParty is a good alternative), go stargazing (SkyView!) or even have a long-distance skin-care session.

  • Personalize some old clothes
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Recently I've been inspired to sew again by this Spanish influencer (by the end of this video you can check out how she has been making her own dresses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK0pK5cehFs ).

  • Family time!

Play games, deep clean your house, make a room make over with them, reorganize your photo albums, try new açai bowls, ice creams and recipes.

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Use your imagination and exploit this time to spend quality time together. You don't know when you'll have this opportunity again in the future when everything goes back to normal.

  • Attend a concert

Even if it has to be a virtual one, you can meet up with some friends and watch it on a big screen with funny outfits and make-up on. Or even make a karaoke session with your friends
and family or by yourself!

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  • Go to a small fair
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During summertime, small villages and towns often organize small fairs where you can go without risking your safety these days.

  • To an open cinema
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It turns out that they never disappeared; they became old fashioned and were forgotten until now!

  • Go boating
Image by 𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓮 aesthetic, blue, and boat image

Even if it is a short course, it's a very cool experience.

  • Cute dates in bakeries or ice-cream parlours!

I know it is a weird time to meet someone new, but maybe you’ve been kept apart from your special one during this quarantine.

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And even though you can turn any of the ideas before into a date, the classy ones shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, the first thing you’ll want to do when you can finally see each other is some good catch-up.

  • Volunteering

Finally, don’t forget we’re still in the middle of a season of need for some people. A friendly hand is always welcomed!

You can donate to the funds against the virus here: https://covid19responsefund.org/

But if you’re a student like me, you know that you can do a lot to contribute!
It doesn’t matter if it is donating clothes and food, buying groceries for the elderly, cleaning the beach, or taking care of people in need in any way possible.

We're in this together.


That was all for today’s article!

I hope you’re all safe and alright and that this article could inspire you to try some of these ideas or try some new ones of your own.

Please, feel free to message me if you tried a cool new plan. I want to know!

I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Have an amazing week 💕✨

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