hi, im back with the day 17 of the writing challenge

day: make a list if your 5 favorite apps

1. WeHeartIt
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i litteraly feel in love with WHI. i spend most of my time on this app. some days i spend like 3 hours on it. my friend @fidoucat make me discover this app and i created my account on January 2019 and loved it.
2. Instagram
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i spend a lot of time on this app. i really love the consept of it. i really love talking with fríends and discover new accounts. add me on IG: madeline_972
3. Genius
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for the ones who don't know this app, Genius is a website and an app for music and songs' lyrics. in this app (or website) you can find all (or almost all) the songs with the lyrics and sometimes an explanation. check out my profile: https://genius.com/vesirmadeline
4. Pinterest
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this app in a huge source of inspiration of me and i take my pic from there my profile: https://www.pinterest.com/madeline_972/
5. TikTok
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i started use this app during the quarantine because i was bored and now i use it maybe too much... but i laugh a lot check out my profile: https://vm.tiktok.com/JNP7kUg/
thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for the 18th day!
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love, @07_28