Dedicated to the girls who are
comparing themselves to other girls
Without knowing how beautiful they are.

The Wall

I stare at you
but you don't notice.
A wall made of glass
Drives us apart.

And all I can do is watch,
Squint against the sun,
So I can see you
fly towards the sky.

Copyrighted image wallpaper, aesthetic, and angel image

You’re smiling -
Why wouldn’t you?
You’re young,
You’re beautiful,
A spirit driven
By pure adventure.
You have gracious,
beautiful wings.

But there are no wings
On this side of the wall.

Only chains,
only the ocean,
Pulling me down
towards its depths.

moon, beautiful, and Dream image aesthetics, edit, and sky image

I call your name,
but you're not listening.
I raise a hand,
but you’re not looking.

I wouldn’t mind it if you
Looked at me and
Saw me as I drown.
But at least,

Look at me

Don’t let me disappear
Without even bothering
To look at me.

When all I’ve done
Is look at you.