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Name : Saisha Orsini
Age : 19
Date of Birth : 16 August 2000
Birthplace : London, England
Kingdom : Caspian / The Kingdom of Kalopsia
Place of Residence : London


brunette, girl, and hairstyle image brown, eyes, and hazel image colors, power, and girl image girl, hair, and model image
Curly hair, brown eyes, tan skin


father, daughter, and quotes image diamond, atticus, and quotes image beauty, paris, and quote image quotes, respect, and worth image
Humble, selfless, knows her worth, demands respect and honor, wise, leader, elegant and most importantly knows she's daughter of the king



black, cold, and Darkness image castle, forest, and nature image castle image france and travel image architecture, beige, and home image architecture, building, and house image


architecture, travel, and places image castle and palace image luxury, interior, and royal image antique, diva, and house image building, art, and gold image aesthetic, decor, and interior image Image by Peter_Pan bedroom, gold, and princess image


style image vintage, garden, and nature image marie antoinette and versailles image Image by tenderly


Ball / Events

dress, model, and oscar de la renta image dress, fashion, and runway image dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and luxury image Image by Private User dress, fashion, and pink image
fashion, outfit, and jeans image jacket, outfit, and purse image fashion, style, and outfit image madison beer image actress, aesthetic, and ashley image fashion, outfit, and style image

Night Out

dress, red, and style image style, beauty, and fashion image fashion, sparkly, and white dress image blue, dress, and evening image


book, aesthetic, and nature image piano, music, and hands image beach, equestrian, and girl image fashion, girl, and dress image
Reading, playing piano, horse riding and dancing


alone, mother, and quote image crown, diamond, and jewelry image
She's the daughter of Giuliano Orsini and Clarice Orsini, the king and queen of caspian. She has a younger sister and is the first one in line for the throne. She has a huge family with many relatives. There was a dispute between her father and uncle because of the throne but eventually her father got the throne.


girl and model image boy image black, boy, and goals image girl, cat, and cindy kimberly image girl image aesthetic, grunge, and guy image black and white, guy, and love image beautiful, beauty, and blonde image
All of them belong to royal families. They are very close to each other.


timothee chalamet and little women image couple, love, and goals image Image by Vera Brandeggen Saoirse Ronan, sweet, and jo march image call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and boy image couple, love, and kiss image
Prince Theodore Williams - Her everything! They've been dating for 2 years and still can't get enough of each other. It was love at first sight and since then they've gone to many ups and downs together. He's a hopeless romantic guy. She means the world to him and definitely can't see her cry.


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