here are some of my top 5 favorite songs at the moment!

1. SHUT UP!! by Evann McIntosh

aesthetic, bandaid, and blue image beach, sea, and ocean image
"Yeah, I can understand where you're coming from but could you understand where I'm coming from?"

2. RACECAR by Deaton Chris Anthony, Coco & Clair, and Clairo

cars, porshe, and vintage image pastel, blue, and aesthetic image
"Everyone tell me I'm crazy picking up a boy that drives a Camry"


brockhampton and ginger image flowers, yellow, and rose image
"everybody ask me how I deal with my depression man look (man look), I don't got the answer to your question"

4. Softly by Clairo

album, albums, and card image stars, beige, and brown image
"Is it alright to feel this way so early? And in my blood, all the sweet nothings fallin' in love over night"

5. Fire Drill by Melanie Martinez

melanie martinez, k-12, and fire drill image artsy, camping, and car image
"It's exactly the same, they say "Why do you dress that way? Why do you act that way? Why aren't you just like me?"


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