hello dreamers !

my last article was in may and i needed some time for myself to reevaluate some things in my life :)

i don't know if i am completely sure about all the changes i have made in my life or all the changes that are currently happening, but i decided to go back to WHI and write an article about this new challenge that i proposed to myself.

30 days without social media: since last week, i no longer have twitter and instagram installed on my phone. i initially decided that i would no longer use them for a personal reason, but i ended up realizing how dependent i was on these apps in just a week. so, today, i complete a week without these apps. i still use youtube, netflix and tik tok, but only because i know that these apps don't harm my mental health in terms of over-comparing or etc.

having said that, i feel like now, if you want, you can start the challenge with me. i already have a week completed, so remember that ;)

in this 30 days, we will have more free time, so below i will make a list of activities that you can do during this period of reevaluation and self-knowledge. (i'm doing this challenge by myself, so if any of you wanna send me a message to talk about it, maybe we can encourage each other because i already miss shitposting on twitter haha).

let's go!

in my case, i am still on my journey to learn french but you can learn any language you want, like: spanish, italian, german, japanese, portuguese, etc.
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(here are some of my articles about languages, more specifically about french)
letterboxd is a website that keeps a record of all the films you have watched. it's super fun and will definitely make you wanna watch more movies, make comments & reviews about them and still receive recommendations and lists from other users.
the movie lists on letterboxd have super creative and relatable names like: "films about lgbt people but where the main plot isn’t about them being lgbt" or "you’re not the same person once the film has finished"
link: https://letterboxd.com/
my profile: https://letterboxd.com/whattshame/
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here are some examples:
- 30 days being vegan / vegetarian
- 30 days without drinking coffee
- 30 days without eating chocolate
- 30 days without making mean comments to myself
- 30 days meditating
- 30 days doing yoga
- 30 days waking up to watch the sun rise
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it will be 30 days without seeing other "perfect" people on social media, this will help you to stop caring about what others say and simply do what you want and be whoever you want. change your hair, change your clothes, delete pics from your phone, do a complete detox of everything toxic in your life and start all over again, without expectations, being a new you with a new way of thinking.
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spirituality is the key to getting to know yourself and your role on earth. spirituality is not religion, so study this concept with an open mind, without expectations and just let the universe guide you towards a new purpose.
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(here is my first article on spirituality. i haven't posted any articles like this yet, because i still don't feel comfortable posting about my practices, but enjoy this piece of me).
great practice to get deep into "shadow work", if you don't know what this is, it is certainly worth researching about it. but writing every day is great for getting to know yourself, the people around you, your fears, your aspirations, etc.
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here are some of mine for you to get inspired:
- backyard party: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/44TqtVLVuLfR511IGkGcKH?si=tqDbhBreQPCjxFYUdjIwSQ
(perfect for a summer day with your friends in the backyard of your country house, drinking fruity drinks and listening to great music)
- trip to the 4th dimension: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/68VT3jW4WLnXYAvVsYNEt2?si=HXhRGvU6QNSVp_aYVP8d0Q
(songs that make me consciously recognize my power and my role as a cosmic creature. kinda 70's energy.)
- i'm dancing at a party with the girl i like: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4AvBRtKQwKSGjZAOskTvoj?si=l8lkh4O4Q8imPdalL7PLDQ
(if you're gay asf like me and just want a girlfriend, this is the playlist for you. i imagine me meeting the love of my life at a party while this playlist is playing in the background).
- you and your girls are going to the club at 1 a.m: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7hD6OwupWyrvUE9a48qPFB?si=es-RFftgRpW-2sXg0mnZNQ
(the best of dancing pop, many hits and a lot of dua lipa).


do not expect from me the same articles that i used to write before, i have changed and I LOVE the person i have become and the person i am becoming :)

just dm me if you're gonna be kind and bring positive energy! <3 mwah

see you soon, dreamers! xX

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