Researcher Compares Chainlink with XRP As Token Outperforms Major Altcoins

Chainlink beats Binance Coin for the first time on the CoinMarketCap, becomes the 9th largest token.

Chainlink announces its integration with Revolution Populi to provide secure smart contract transactions for a decentralized digital ecosystem and social network.

While Chainlink is skyrocketing, researcher foresee it as XRP

Chainlink Beats Binance Coin(BNB)

Chainlink is driven by bulls yet again ever since it entered the top 10 positions recently. For the first time, Chainlink beats Binance Coin to reach the ninth position on the Coinmarketcap ratings. At the time of reporting this, Chainlink is trading at $8.08 with an increase of 12.67 per cent.

Interestingly, Chainlink had also overtaken Litecoin(LTC) and attained eight positions, but unfortunately, it fell again to ninth rank.

While $Link token continues to rip higher, some of the users predict a long way in the coming times. One of the users in his tweet mentioned that the token could reach $1000 per coin by the end of the year.

Chainlink is Like XRP

While many are excited with the chainlink’s bull run and also filling up $LINK into their wallet, some of the influencers still believe it might be a bubble.

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messaricrypto, in his tweet, mentioned that chainlink lacks fundamentals of crypto in terms of macro view. As per him, Link is hitting new heights without having any macro fundamentals.

In his tweet, he compares Chainlink with XRP. He wrote;

“It’s like XRP without the long institutional con”, he says. As XRP a couple of years before was skyrocketing and many people invested in it but unfortunately, it slipped down miserably. And now, it trades in cents.

It's worth noting that the fourth-largest cryptocurrency, XRP had once rallied higher than that of Ethereum (ETH) in terms of market capitalization. The token had surged to $3/coin back in 2017 and impressed most traders and enthusiasts who made their way to investment in XRP. Unfortunately, the token couldn’t stick on 2nd position, fell to third, and currently sits at the fourth largest spot.

Collaborations with Chainlink Continues

Chainlink integrates with Revolution Populi to provide secure, smart contract transactions for the Revolution Populi’s decentralized digital ecosystem and social network. The ecosystem will rely on Chailink’s smart contract for repetitive transactions like paying users for their social media activity and so on. Speaking about the partnership, CEO of Revolution Populi states that;

“We’re going to return the internet back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs, and to do that, we’re going to integrate Chainlink’s powerful smart contract middleware throughout the project, which will secure point to point transactions across this new digital ecosystem and social net.”

Finally, we can say that a bull run is going on for Chainlink and we hope it stays in the top 10 list for long. But as per some influencers and crypto giants, will chainlink slip down as XRP or outperform the other altcoins in the list, we need to wait and watch.